Rollator Slow Down Brakes

USD $73.95

The Volaris Slow Down brakes add extra, adjustable friction to the rear wheels for another layer of safety/control for those who may face extra mobility challenges. All our rollators have brakes, yet the “slow down” feature of this add-on is suited for those who require extra care with everyday movements given the smooth, friction-less movement Volaris offers.

  • Extra safety feature exerting an adjustable amount of pressure against the rear wheels of the rollator preventing roll-away
  • Adjust resistance with a simple turn of the knob
  • Fantastic for those frequently dealing with ramps or tackling hills (inclines and declines) on their travels
  • Safely move without undue resistance while maintaining an extra level of control
  • Perfectly suited for those with moderate-advanced balance issues
  • Extra safety for those who feel they need the reassurance of braking support without having to apply brakes

If you feel your rollator walker may “get away” from you as you tackle your daily walks or if you’ve extra balance issues, the “slow down” brakes are here for you as a built-in assistant!