Rollator Backrest Accessory

From: USD $24.95

    The Volaris Adjustable Backrest is among our most popular accessories. Sit upright and in comfort!  Our rolling walkers allow for long journeys and the backrest is there for you when you need a seated break!

    • Adjustable up to 5 inches to ensure the perfect tension to support you
    • Flexible material so that it folds with your rollator (no removal required!)
    • Available for all models – simply pick your size
    • Durable, weather-resistant material designed to last the life of your rollator
    • Installs in minutes, easy for anyone (See: Installation instructions)

    Sit back and relax while sitting with your new backrest in place. Bring a book on your next walk to the park and sit comfortably for hours!

    REGULAR  All Rollators (except Small)
    SMALL  For COMPACT & KIDS models