Rollator Lights Package

USD $34.95

The Volaris Lights package adds safety and security whether adventuring outdoors or inside in darkness.  Newfound freedom with your rollator means you’ll be out further, longer.  These lights make you more visible even after sunset.

  • See and be seen! With lights on, you’ll be more visible to motorists and cyclists after dark
  • Indoors, the light emitted is enough to help you see where you’re going; navigate without having to go turn on the lights
  • LED lights are long-lasting, battery operated
  • Two lights are included – one red and one white to be used for forward and backward-pointing
  • Three light modes while on:
    • always on
    • slow flashing
    • fast flashing
  • Installs fast and easily and fits all Volaris models

Don’t be restricted by a lack of daylight or indoor light. Get moving with the help of these Volaris quality-designed rollator lights now!