Volaris DISCOVERY All Terrain Rollator Walker

From: USD $574.95

    The Volaris DISCOVERY Rollator Walker is built to be light, yet for rugged outdoor terrains as well as any indoor floor surface. The built-in seat folds easily within the walker for easy transport in a car, or closet storage. Allows an upright walking position so you can go further with your head up high. Think of the new adventures ahead as you go further and gain greater fitness as you DISCOVER!
    • Very lightweight for easy lifting into vehicles.
    • Uniquely constructed so that you walk upright within the frame instead of bending over to push the walker in front of you.
    • Comes fully assembled in brushed grey with black colored controls.
    • Its “X FRAME” center folding constructions allows it to stand on its own when folded.
    • The “FLEXFRAME™” and cushioned wider soft rubber 8 inch tires keep all four wheels grounded enabling it to move easily over uneven, broken and rough surfaces such as cut grass, unpaved pathways and forest trails, small gravel, cobblestones, shallow sand and even snow.
    • Self-lubricating wheels for smooth, no maintenance operation


    While standing straight with your arms relaxed at your sides measure the distance from the floor to the first crease in your wrist above the inside of your hand.

    IMPORTANT: Ensure that your Correct Handle Height falls within the following range:

    • REGULAR and WIDE models handle height range: 30″-40″ 
    • LOW and LOW & WIDE models handle height range: 26.7″-32.7″


    Note: Every rollator has a handle height adjustment for a perfect walking position. This will assist you in selecting the correct model.

    ALL DISCOVERY Models: 
    Folded Width: 9″ | Length: 29″ | Weight approx. 16 lbs
    Weight Capacity: 330 lbs
    Tire Size: 8″ x 1.35″
    Outside Frame Width 23″ 23″ 25.5″ 25.5″
    Inside Frame Width 17″ 17″ 19.5″ 19.5″
    Seat Width 16.5″ 16.5″ 19″ 19″
    Seat Height 18″-24″ 18-19.6″ 18-24″ 18-19.6″