Rollator Umbrella Including Holder

USD $174.95

The Volaris Umbrella & Holder for protection from both rain and sun rays. Don’t let light rain hold you back from your daily walk or adventure!

  • Umbrella opens and folds easily, parallel to the rollator handle so it doesn’t require removal when closed
  • Umbrella is adjustable to be set at the perfect angle
  • Protection extends beyond rain to keep you dry, it protects from harmful UV rays
  • Provides shade on the go so you can maintain your daily walks without overheating and reducing the risk of dehydration
  • Installs in minutes and fits all Volaris rollator models
  • Includes holder (affixes to rollator) and umbrella

Don’t let the weather elements slow you down. Your Volaris rollator is designed to travel over rough terrain so you can go further – and now you can stay both dry and protected from the sun as you travel. Stuck in the rain? Not anymore!