Rollator Serving Trays

From: USD $31.95

    The Volaris Serving Tray is the perfect solution when you need to serve up things like meals, drinks or medication. The tray provides a level, flat surface for you to place your essentials and move.

    • Ideal for taking meals to your table or another room with extra speed, convenience and safety
    • Perfect for setting up your medications/water on a level, flat surface
    • Tray has four nibs on each corner that hang down over the seat so it doesn’t slide off during transport
    • Designed specifically for your Volaris rollator
    • Note: Compact tray comes in black only

    Select the tray size to perfectly fit your rollator model. Added convenience awaits!

    Select Size Suit YOUR Rollator Model Tray Usable Space/Size
    REGULAR 12.5″ length x 8.5″ width
    COMPACT (Compact & Kids models only) 12″ length x 9″ width