Rollator Oxygen Tank Holder

USD $47.95

The Volaris Oxygen Tank Holder is a potentially life-changing accessory for your rollator. With the ability to bring your heavy oxygen – easily – will provide newfound freedom you may have not had in years!

  • Have the oxygen supply you need when you need it most, while walking
  • For those needing oxygen at all times, you can now travel safely with tank in tow
  • For individuals needing oxygen “as needed”, having your oxygen supply with you always is perfect – especially because you will want to travel further
  • It’s more than a tank holder, you’re carrying extra piece of mind and added safety
  • Secure and strong, it holds your the oxygen tank upright for perfect stability in front of the rollator seat
  • Circumference is 4.25″ with an open side (so that tanks that are a little larger will still fit).
  • Installs in minutes and can be left on even when folding your rollator for storage or transport

Safety, security and increased mobility is what we’re all about. Go further with peace of mind while going on your next adventure with your oxygen at-the-ready!