Rollator Bottle Holder

USD $22.95

The Volaris Bottle Holder is here so you can bring your favorite drink “to go”. Whether you want to safely bring home your coffee to-go cup or carry a water bottle on your next adventure – stay quenched!

  • Bottle holder installs securely; vertically/upright to minimize spills
  • Solid holder has slight “give” to transport bottles/cups of various sizes
  • Ensures your long distance trips don’t leave you thirsty or dehydrated
  • Recommended that drinks with secure lids are used, particularly for hot drinks
  • Bottle holder dimensions are 3.75″ x 2.5″

Stay hydrated and healthy while getting out for exercise or time with friends. Your Volaris rollator was built to take you further so securely bring your favorite drink with you. Cheers!