Why You Need a Rollator Walker with Suspension

Cobblestone Road All Terrain Walker

Using a rollator walker might seem like a hinderance to many when they first start using it, but the opposite is actually true. Once a user gets the hang of moving around with their rollator walker, they will no doubt find that their freedom and mobility will increase in turn helping them to maintain their independence and a higher quality of life. Regular physical activity is the best way for adults to maintain a healthy lifestyle and spend time in the great outdoors.

What do you see in the image? If you have mobility challenges, you likely don’t see a beautiful European cobblestone walkway lined with outdoor dining. You see a place you think you’d not be able to visit as your walker or rollator just wouldn’t cut it. Rollator walkers by Volaris with flexible frames, soft rubber tires and larger wheels tires (like on our Patrol All-Terrain Model) would make walking along such cobblestone paths easy. Make your vacation dreams a reality!

Man rollator features to consider

Choosing a rollator walker can be a confusing process. There are many different designs and features available on the market, and deciding which ones are actually needed can feel overwhelming. However, when it comes down to it, it all comes down to how the rollator is most likely to be used.

Someone that is only looking for support to move around their home and other indoor spaces will do well with a simple rollator walker with the basic included features. However, someone that would like to maintain a more active lifestyle will likely be looking for a rollator walker that can easily go on adventures with them, while still providing the support that they’ve come to expect from a mobility aid.

It’s all in the frame

When it comes to choosing a rollator that will work smoothly on a variety of rougher terrain, the frame is what will make the difference. A specialized rollator walker frame that can absorb vibrations from the ground it’s travelling will help create a smoother ride for the user.

The newly designed Flexframe that is found on some newer rollator walkers uses suspension to help ease the stress and pressure that one might feel in their arms and shoulders when using a standard rollator walker on rough terrain.

Patrol Rollator has it all

The Patrol all terrain rollator walker has many features that make it the perfect option for anyone looking to get outdoors more and experience some rougher terrain than a regular rollator is designed to handle.

Along with the standard features like a built-in seat and easy to squeeze handle breaks, the features that make the Patrol rollator walker the best all terrain walker available include:

A Flexframe – This frame absorbs shocks and bumps from uneven ground much better than a standard rollator walker. It also ensures that all four wheels stay on the ground even when it is uneven, offering more stability to the user. The Flexframe helps the rollator to traverse uneven walkways, stony forest paths, fields with tall grass, cobblestones and many other rough surfaces with ease.

Oversized cushioned tires – The 10” wheels on the Patrol walker traverse rough terrain with ease providing significant shock absorption for the user.

Lubricated wheels – The wheels on the Patrol model are self lubricating allowing for less maintenance and upkeep.

X Frame construction – The Patrol walker folds in the center which allows it to stand on its own even when folded up. This makes transporting and moving it much easier than models that can’t stand on their own.

Compact body – The small frame allows the rollator to be tucked into a backseat or trunk without taking up a lot of space. It will also allow the user to bring the rollator indoors when needed, without feeling like their all-terrain rollator is getting in the way.

Lightweight construction – The more lightweight construction of the Patrol rollator walker means that it can easily be folded up and placed in a vehicle without straining the user.

Mobility is easier with the right rollator walker

With so many models of rollator walkers available there are many ways for anyone who struggles with mobility to comfortably get around. And now with all terrain walkers like the Patrol model, there is no reason that an outdoor enthusiast should feel held back from the outdoors. No one will have to compromise their interests will the mobility aids on the market today. From canes to rollator walkers with many features, the support they provide is the key to getting outside and continuing to live a full life.

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