June is Great Outdoors Month and Seniors Month (so get outdoors!)

Great Outdoors Month June Seniors Mobility

In addition to being national seniors’ month, June is also known as the Great Outdoors Month! This means June is an excellent time to get outside and explore! A national holiday isn’t the only reason to choose June as the perfect time to spend more time outside, though. There are many reasons why going outside for some exercise and fresh air is a great choice for anyone- even those with mobility issues!

With the wet weather that comes with winter and spring well behind us, June is more likely to bring with it clear walkways and healthy fields, making walking outdoors much easier for anyone to enjoy.   

Many health benefits to getting outdoors

Did you know? Rollator walkers by Volaris are not just for those that need help walking. They’re loved by those who are active yet have mobility issues to help them go everywhere they have always enjoyed!

Your sleep will improve

Getting fresh air and exposing yourself to natural light daily, especially in the mornings, can help your body’s natural sleep cycle to regulate, allowing you to sleep better at night. Regular exercise can also help your body to expend energy and be more ready to rest and relax each night.

It can help support your mental health

Getting outside for a walk or to enjoy the fresh air on a regular basis can help increase the release of endorphins like serotonin which can help reduce feelings of anxiety, stress and depression which can in turn improve your overall mood. Regular exercise can also help improve your brain function leading to better memory retention, attention span and possibly even reducing the onset of dementia and other brain diseases. 

Vitamin D has many health benefits

Vitamin D is something that most people are low in, so getting outdoors this June will no doubt help to increase your supply. This vitamin is essential in helping your body to maintain a healthy immune system leading to a better defense against things like cancer, osteoporosis and even Alzheimer’s disease.

How to enjoy the outdoors

Hit the trails

With hundreds of trails in the Toronto area including sections of the Great Lakes Waterfront Trail and the Great Trail that stretches across Canada, there is no shortage of great, easy to walk pathways to get to know. Many of these trails are paved and very easy to walk so they’ll be a great way to enjoy the outdoors.

Take up a hobby

Hobbies like photography and bird watching are a great way to spend more time outdoors. Whether you go for a walk to find the perfect view or just head to your favourite park bench and enjoy the nature close to home, the time you spend outdoors taking photos or looking for new birds to identify will have many positive effects.

Walk a dog

Taking a dog for a walk is the perfect excuse to get outdoors this June. Dogs need to spend time outside to get their exercise and fresh air, so if you or a friend has a dog you can use this furry friend as an excuse to get some movement in your day. Visit with family and friends Getting together with family or friends to go for a walk and have a visit is the perfect motivator to get outside, especially during 2021 when getting together has been difficult.

Use a mobility aid to help support movement

Even if you struggle to stay on your feet or walk for longer periods there are tools that you can use to help you get around. Spending time moving around outside has many health benefits so it is worthwhile to use tools like a rollator walker or a cane to help support you.

Rollator walkers have built in features like a seat, handbrakes, adjustable height and large wheels designed to move easily over a wide variety of terrain. These features can make maintaining freedom and independence much easier than if you try to push through without taking advantage of the support they offer.

The Great Outdoors Month is the perfect reason to get outside

Spending time outdoors has many benefits for everyone. If you need a push to spend more time outside and take in all the positive effects that fresh air and regular movement can bring, this national month-long holiday might be just the ticket!

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