Can I Go to the Beach with a Walker?

Rollator Walk on the Beach

What do YOU see in the image? If you have mobility issues and haven’t been to the beach in years, then you see a challenge. You feel you don’t have the freedom to walk on the beach. Volaris all-terrain rollator owners see it differently. They see a gorgeous beach they’d love to – and can – visit and walk themselves. Rollator Volaris wheeled walkers, with their trademark flexible frames, soft rubber tires and larger wheels tires (like on our Patrol All-Terrain Model) would make walking along sandy beaches a breeze. So enjoy more of what you love and the freedom to do it!

With warm summer weather suddenly upon us, hitting the beach to cool off and enjoy a sunny day by the water is tempting for everyone who lives near water. High temperatures seem to beckon us to the sandy beauty that the beach offers! However, if you or your beach-going partner use a walker, it can often feel like a hinderance when it comes to travelling on soft, sandy ground. Sand feels great between your toes, but can be difficult to walk on if you already struggle with getting around unsupported. Never mind trying to use a walker on the beach!

Luckily, there is a solution! A rollator walker that is designed for rough and hard to travel terrain can be just the ticket to fully enjoying your summer. Volaris all terrain rollators are designed with special features that will help make moving across a beach much easier than a regular rollator does.

Regular Walkers aren’t made for the beach

Unfortunately, when walkers were originally being designed, they were done so with the idea of walking on hard, everyday terrain, not so much surfaces like sand or rocks. This resulted in a general inability to use a walker on the beach. As soon as your 4 walker legs hit the sand and you put weight on the handles, you will sink in and be faced with a more difficult situation than if you had no walker at all.

Even rollator walkers, with wheels that make travelling rough terrain easier, aren’t likely to travel on sand very well. Small, narrow wheels aren’t meant to roll across sand or rocky ground. If you’ve been using a regular rollator or a 4-legged walker you may never have even tried to take it to the beach, and for good reason!

Top features on an all-terrain walker

While most rollator walker models typically come with similar features like a built-in seat and easy to use handle brakes, there are some extra features offered on all-terrain models that will greatly increase your ability to head to the beach and put your toes in the sand this summer.

Suspension frame – the flexframe of an all-terrain rollator walker plays a large role in how easily it will move across rough terrain. This unique frame allows the rollator to roll across uneven ground while still keeping all 4 wheels on the ground, offering you a steadier support as you navigate bumpy ground.

Larger wheels – The same way that a pulley with large wheels is easier to use, a rollator walker with large wheels is also easier to push across sand and rocky or pebbly ground.

Soft rubber tires – Tires that can absorb vibrations from the ground underneath them will offer a much smoother and steady walking experience. Rough terrain can be hard on your back and shoulders as you hold onto the handle bars, however soft tires can reduce this stress on your body.

Spending time outdoors is great for your health

Regardless of what kind of activities you’re taking part in, getting outside for some fresh air is great for both mental and physical health! And since June has been dubbed Great Outdoors Month, now is the perfect time to head out. Whether you prefer to enjoy your time on a nice bench watching the birds or a great sunset or like to get a bit more active and go for a walk or enjoy some beach time, you are sure to benefit in many ways.

Maintain your freedom with all terrain rollators

Using a walker should never mean having to compromise your freedom to live your life the way you want to. Rollator walkers come in many different models and styles, all of which can help you maintain independence and mobility, stay connected with friends and family, and keep you living a fulfilling and happy life. Enjoy the breeze coming off the water and the feeling of sand in your toes with the help of an all-terrain rollator walker this summer.

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