Why Aging in Place is a Benefit to Seniors

Growing old can often feel like an intimidating process, yet it is one that we all must go through at some point. When the time comes to start considering your living situation and whether you should stay in your home or consider moving to somewhere smaller with more support there are many things to consider. Though living in a home that can offer support and assistance can be the right solution for you, there are many benefits to staying in your home for as long as you can.   

Benefits to aging in place at home

There are many reasons why people should age in place as long as they can. From social benefits to financial ones, the motivations to stay in familiar surroundings are plenty.

Surroundings are familiar

Aging in a situation where surroundings are familiar can help seniors feel more comfortable when it may seem like everything else is changing. Being able to wake up in the same bed, eat at the same table and relax on the same couch that they have for years can help with the aging process as a whole.

You can hold onto your social life

Seeing your friends and taking part in social activities is a great way to relax and maintain a positive outlook. Aging in place is one of the best ways to be able to continue these friendships and relationships.

It’s likely cheaper

Moving into a supported living facility often comes with a higher cost than that of independent living. If you are able to live on your own you will be able to save some money until the time comes when you are ready for the support that a seniors’ facility can offer.

You’ll maintain your independence

One of the most difficult things about transitioning into a space where you have more support is likely losing some of your freedom and independence. Aging comes along with the difficult knowledge that you’ll reach a point when you can no longer move around as easily on your own. When you are able to stay in your home, you can hold onto this freedom as long as you can. 

Tips to help you age in place

  1. Meal and grocery delivery services – If going shopping or cooking meals is starting to feel difficult or dangerous, grocery and meal delivery services can be just what you’re looking for. Take all the guesswork and stress out of having to cook for yourself by having your meals delivered and avoid the struggles of making it to the store with the help of a grocery shopping service.
  2. A modified shower or bathtub – When stepping into the bathtub, standing for a shower or getting down and up out of the tub start becoming too hard, modifying your space might be the answer. Whether that means using a shower chair, installing handrails or installing a sit in bathtub, there are many ways to modify your current situation.
  3. Stairlifts – At some point walking up and down stairs might become prohibitive. Installing stairlifts can help ensure you can make it up and down with little issue.
  4. Handrails – If walking around your home and up and down stairs without support has become too much, installing handrails to go up stairs or down hallways can help you get around.
  5. A rollator walker – As walking without support becomes more of a struggle, using a rollator walker to get around can make all the difference. A rollator walker can help you in many ways:

Rollator Walker for Mobility and Aging in Place

Aging in place has many benefits

For those who are faced with the difficult decision of whether to stay in their home longer or consider moving into an assisted living facility, there may be many factors in play. Though it can be a tough decision to make, there are several benefits to staying in their own home for as long as they can. While you may have some difficulties around your home when it comes to getting around, there are several tools and supports that can offer their assistance and help you stay in familiar surroundings.

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