What Do Today’s Seniors Value Most in Life?

As people age their priorities and outlook in life will often change along with them. Today’s seniors’ likely value different things than they did 20 years ago and taking a few minutes to understand what they do value today can help you both identify with them, and know how to support them day to day.

Senior’s top 6 Keys to Living Well

Ask a senior what they value in life, and you’re likely to get many different answers. At the forefront, however, emerge answers relating to these 6 points that relate to maintaining health, connections and independence: 

1. Optimism is a necessary attitude
Today’s seniors are typically an optimistic group. As they get older and start facing more of their future, seniors seem to be maintaining a fairly positive outlook on things. Most seniors reach a place in life where they feel confident that they can maintain a high quality of life and hold onto their motivation day to day. Setting health-related goals can help seniors to keep that optimistic attitude.
2. Maintaining health is important
As people get older the need for physical activity takes a different shape than it did in their younger years. Rather than exercising to build muscle and lose weight, most seniors will instead exercise to improve flexibility, maintain heart health and increase circulation. These health concerns are important to target because the maintenance of each will help seniors continue to live independently and maintain their freedom and independence for much longer than they would otherwise.
3. Connections and relationships
With the ability to move around freely and independently possibly decreasing with age, relationships with friends and family become that much more important to maintain. Strong relationships with your support system can help combat feeling of isolation and depression, which can set in as people age and may have to stay home more.
4. Getting used to technology
Though many seniors struggle with learning how to use technology and incorporating it with their lifestyle, most recognize that this can be a key way to stay connected with family and friends. Learning how to use technology is definitely a difficult process, for some more than others, but once they come to terms with how to use bits of social media it’s a great way to stay connected with family, particularly those who live further away.
5. Their community
Though connections with family and friends are an important part of life, many seniors also recognize that the community they involve themselves in can be very beneficial as well. From participating in local group events to joining in on organized outings, there are many ways a senior can grow their community. Many local community centers put together seniors’ activities and excursions that can help improve both the well being and mental health of seniors.
6. Independence and control
One of the biggest things many seniors want in their life is independence. Though there is often a level of thankfulness to still be healthy and able to live a full life, it’s often not enough when they have to depend on the assistance of others to really get around. The ability to independently move around, live life and control their own schedule is the key to not only surviving, but to actually thriving.

Rollator walkers help maintain independence

One easy way for seniors to hold on to their independence and mobility is to adopt the use of a walker. A rollator walker has many benefits, and can help seniors to continue with a lifestyle full of freedom and mobility.

How a rollator walker helps maintain independence:

  • A built-in seat allows for breaks when needed
  • Height adjusted handlebars help seniors stand upright and avoid back injury
  • The ability to attach bags or a basket so they can do their own shopping
  • Compact frame to help them get around both indoors and out
  • Sturdy wheels to cope with rougher terrain 

Maintaining great health allows seniors thrive (not just live)!

Today’s seniors often recognize that setting health goals and maintaining their overall health is a key factor in enjoying their day to day life. Maintaining their independence and quality of life is much easier to do when they focus on living well. With good health seniors will experience most other things in a positive light: with less pain and stress comes more comfort and mobility!

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