Woman with CP gains rewards from Medup V2 bike

Before the COVID-19 pandemic began, 30-year-old Tabitha Star, who has cerebral palsy and has been a spastic quadriplegic since birth, regularly attended well-equipped physiotherapy clinics to meet her exercise needs. 

But after Toronto went into lockdown last spring, she was left with no options. That sent her mother, Lisa Star, on a hunt for home equipment that could do the job.

Lisa’s search led her to the Medup V2, the newest active-passive motorized therapy bike to be introduced into Canada.

A great motorized cycle for rehab and exercise at home

This wheelchair-accessible trainer is a great tool for rehab and exercise at home for people with physical limitations stemming from a variety of diseases and conditions, including cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and spinal cord injuries.   

After only a short trial, Lisa decided the Medup V2 was a very effective choice for her daughter. Last July, she bought the first one sold in Ontario. She says that Tabitha has used it every day for at least an hour, and often for longer.

At first,Tabitha used the trainer mostly in passive mode, letting the machine do all the work. But she soon began using her own leg muscle power along with the motor.

Initially, she suffered from lots of spasms but they have decreased significantly. As well, her leg muscles, which were always tight, are now loosened after just  half an hour on the bike.

Reducing spasms and spasticity among benefits of Medup V2

Reductions in spasms and spasticity are among the many benefits of using the Medup V2. Improved circulation is another; Tabitha’s legs, which always felt cold, are noticeably warmer after a workout on the Medup V2. 

Tabitha has experienced other positive effects, including an improved gait pattern and better endurance, adds her stepfather, Nik Tsoutsoulas.

For example, when she began to use the home exercise bike, she could take only up to 30 steps with her stepdad’s support. Now, that’s risen to more than 70 steps, he says. 

The family spends their winters in Arizona.  The first month there, Tabitha asked daily for her Medup V2, which they’d left behind in Toronto. She missed it so much that her family purchased a second motorized bike for their time in Arizona.

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