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Rollator Walkers

The Volaris Rollator Line. Premium quality, maximum mobility.

Pick the rollator walker model & size best suited for you:

Our “Regular” sized models are for those of average height, weight and build. However, these standard models are still highly adjustable for maximum comfort. Both the handles and seat are adjustable for a precise fit to keep you moving – comfortably and safely!

Our “Low” models are suitable those lower in stature. The seat and adjustable height of the handles have a lower range. It’s a perfect fit for shorter folks who want the freedom to explore in comfort!

Our “Wide” models are suitable for heavier set individuals. Ideal for wider and taller folks and/or bariatic patients. The seat range is higher and supports greater weight bearing (up to 330 lbs). It’s the right size to keep you moving safely and comfortably!

Our “Low & Wide” models are for individuals who are shorter in stature yet need support for weight up to 330 lbs. The seat is lower and the frame provides extra width to support users for maximum safety and mobility in mind.

SMART Rollator Series

Form meets function. Streamlined design in low, wide and narrow designs. Adjustable handle heights for even the tallest adventurers. Choose the model perfect for you! (Need help with sizing?)