What is the Best Wheeled Walker for Compact Living Areas?

Compact rollator for tight living spaces

As most people age there will come a point when moving around without a bit of assistance becomes extremely difficult if not impossible. In this situation, it may become time to incorporate a mobility aid into their day-to-day life. A mobility support aid like a cane or better, a wheeled walker, can make all the difference to someone who is trying to maintain their independence and mobility. However, when it comes to choosing which mobility aid will work the best for each individual, it can be an intimidating process.

From active models to lightweight or compact ones, there are many different styles of walkers on the market today. Choosing the right rollator walker can help ensure that a person is able to maximize its usefulness in their life.

Life in a care home or condo can be great

Moving into a small apartment or condo in an adult building or into a unit in a supported living facility can be extremely helpful to anyone struggling to get around on their own. When amenities like laundry facilities, parking lots, dining rooms and entertainment areas don’t require a large journey, it can be easier to continue to lead a moderately active lifestyle.

Unfortunately, a drawback to these styles of homes is that they often offer tighter living areas as well. While this may mean that a tenant is able to move short distances unassisted, it may also be too cramped for a standard sized rollator walker to move around easily. If this ends up being the case, a person who used to move around a fair amount with their walker may find themselves feeling discouraged and annoyed at how cumbersome it now feels.

Top reasons to get a compact walker or rollator walker

A person’s needs will vary, so they likely have a number of different reasons for getting a compact rollator instead of a standard. A few common reasons include:

  • A cane isn’t quite enough support, but they’re not ready for a full-sized, heavy-duty walker yet
  • They want a walker that can be kept in the car or the garage, ready to pop in the car anytime without worrying that it will get in the way at the destination
  • Their living space is small, so the walker needs to be able to slide into a spot out of the way when not in use
  • A second walker is needed in the home, maybe on a second floor or to navigate a room that can’t accommodate a full-sized walker
  • The doorways in the home are narrow
  • The bathroom in the home is cramped or small
  • The user has a weak grip and can’t squeeze the handbrakes on a standard-sized walker
  • The user is recovering from an injury or struggles to control a rollator, so a compact unit is easier to maneuver

Look for a compact rollator walker

A walker that just sits unused in a corner or a closet isn’t helping anyone, so it is essential that the care team looks for a better option.

Our pick for the best compact rollator walker is the Volaris compact model. This small and easy to use rollator is the perfect choice for anyone that may struggle with a standard sized rollator. The built-in features make it easy to use, transport and store allowing anyone who uses it to maintain their active lifestyle and their independence.

The top features of the Volaris compact rollator include:

  • Upright frame – Users will walk within the frame instead of hunched over from behind it, allowing them to maintain good posture and prevent back injury.
  • Compact design – Coming in at a full 2 inches narrower when in use than other rollators on the market, the Volaris is much easier to maneuver
  • Easy to transport – At 8 inches shorter when folded and about 5lbs lighter than other models, the Volaris compact rollator walker is easy to store and put in a vehicle.
  • X-Frame – Allows the rollator to stand upright when folded, making it easy to store in a small home.

Using a compact rollator makes life easier

Making the transition from moving around without assistance to needing the support of a rollator walker or cane is difficult enough. Having to use a rollator that feels awkward and hard to control can just add to the discomfort that someone is going through. A compact rollator walker is the perfect solution for anyone struggling with the size of their rollator.

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