Top Rollator Walker Accessories that Help You Increase Mobility 

Rollator walker accessories

When you start using a rollator it can be intimidating to incorporate it into day-to-day life. While it may feel cumbersome and hard to get used to, a rollator walker can help you maintain your mobility. A properly fit rollator will allow you to move around much easier, and feel safe and supported while you do. There are a number of accessories that can make using a rollator even easier for you, too!

Top accessories that increase mobility with rollator walkers

Simply using a rollator walker can help improve mobility thanks to the increased support that it provides, however there are a number of different accessories that can help make life even easier for someone using one.

An umbrella

An umbrella that attaches to the frame of a rollator walker can help weather-related issues from standing in your way. Whether you’re trying to keep out the sun or to protect yourself on a rainy day, an umbrella is a tool that can help you stay motivated to get active each day.

An oxygen tank holder

For those that need to bring an oxygen tank with them, an oxygen tank holder on your rollator walker can help make the task of maintaining mobility much easier. An oxygen tank holder will keep the tank safe, secure and close at hand, while allowing you the freedom to move around with your rollator.

A back rest

One significant perk to using a rollator walker is the built-in seat that comes with it. However, for some users, a seat alone isn’t quite enough support when it’s time for a rest. An added back rest can help ensure that you can take a comfortable seat any time you need to. A backrest will help a user feel steadier and stronger when they do decide that it’s time for a rest.

A cane holder

While a rollator walker is often the most supportive way to get around, there’s no denying that there are times where it is just too big and cumbersome to do the job. Having your cane close at hand even when using your walker will help you maintain mobility and not shy away from moving around in tighter areas. A cane holder will keep your cane securely attached to your rollator, ready for whenever you need to swap it out.

A storage bag or basket

A storage bag that attaches to the front of your rollator frame can help keep your hands free as you move around. This allows you to safely hold onto your handlebars and hand brakes, while still carrying items that you need with you.

A platform attachment

For rollator users that need a bit more upright support, a platform attachment is the perfect accessory. The extension arm attaches to the rollator frame and offers the user forearm support for one or both arms. This is particularly beneficial for anyone needing a push towards a more upright posture, or for anyone recovering from surgery or an injury.

A cupholder

Having a bottle of water close at hand can be helpful, especially if you are not accustomed to regular physical activity. With a dedicated holder for it on your rollator you will be more likely to remember to bring it with you throughout the day.

Physical mobility has many benefits

Although many people who use a rollator walker may struggle to maintain and improve their mobility, the benefits they’ll experience are worth the effort. Increased physical mobility can help reduce blood pressure, maintain body weight, improve posture and even improve mental health. These benefits mean that there is significant reason to incorporate movement into daily life. Whether you are able to meet with friends or family to go for a walk outside or are just looking to continue getting around your home independently, using a rollator walker and its accessories can make things much easier for you.

Accessories can make all the difference

Having the right accessories for your needs as a rollator walker user can make all the difference when it comes to the ability to maintain mobility. Tools like the ones mentioned here can help keep you safe and stable while you move around each day, even if you’re dealing with struggles like injury, disease, or age-related issues like poor balance and coordination.

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