How Can Seniors Be Motivated to Spend More Time Outside

As people age it often gets harder to move around with freedom and ease. Limited mobility can quickly hold seniors back from getting outside and experiencing the benefits that fresh air, sunlight and even minor exercise can give.

There are many ways to motivate seniors and those with limited mobility to spend more time outside. Though there are a number of things to do that don’t require a large amount of independent movement, introducing the use of a rollator walker can help seniors to maintain their health, independence and mobility.

At Xlent Care Products our entire mission is to help those with mobility challenges – whether seniors or those dealing with or recovering from physical injury – live t their best lives. From all-terrain rollators to exercise equipment to pain relief products, we offer the very best.

Benefits of getting outside

Spending time outdoors has benefits for people of all ages and abilities. Some of the top reasons to encourage seniors to get outdoors more include:

  • Increases physical activity and engagement
  • Increases energy
  • Fights depression
  • Boosts memory
  • Improves physical health
  • Lengthens life 

Ways to Improve Motivation to Get Outside

Though there are many ways that seniors can enjoy the outdoors, having a purpose for getting on their shoes and making their way outside for an hour or 2 can help increase the motivation to get out there.

Take up gardening
Though this activity doesn’t do much for motivation during the colder winter months, now that the weather is warm it’s the perfect time to garden! Whether the goal is to grow vegetables for some fresh dinner accompaniments, to plant some pretty flowers or to tend to aromatic herbs, gardening is a great reason to spend some time outdoors. Gardening also offers an opportunity to maintain some strength and flexibility, as the gardener will often have to bend, reach and lift as they tend to the plants.
Go bird watching
Though some may see bird watching as somewhat of a boring hobby, it’s actually a very relaxing and soothing outdoor activity that is great for mental health. Especially if mobility is low, bird watching offers a great reason to get outside for an afternoon. Those who can move around, whether with or without the help of a rollator walker, can head out on some local trails or to a park, while those who aren’t able to move around too well can find a comfortable chair in their backyard or an easy to access natural area to bird watch sitting down.
Take the dog for a walk
Taking a dog for a walk is the perfect motivation to get outside for some light exercise. Walking is a great way to improve cardio, maintain strength and mobility, and keep those joints moving. Even on those days where you just don’t feel like going for a walk having a dog that needs a bit of exercise is the best motivator there is!
Fruit picking
Heading to a local orchard or berry farm to pick some fruit for an afternoon is a great way to get some exercise and fresh air! Most orchards and farms are situated on fairly flat land with wide walkways between rows, so rollator walker users can also easily take part.
Get creative!
Whether you want to pull out those paints, pick up a marker or pencil or grab your camera, there are many ways that nature can help you get those creative juices flowing. Spending some time outside in your backyard, at a local park or sitting by a nearby river with your artistic medium of choice is a beautiful and satisfying way to get some fresh air. If you aren’t feeling too artistic yourself, you can look around for a local art or farmer’s market to appreciate some of the things that others create. Walking around an outdoor market- with or without the help of a rollator walker– offers a great way to enjoy the outdoors. 

A rollator walker can help

If getting around without assistance is starting to get difficult, introducing a rollator walker to the routine can be a great idea. Rollator walkers are easy to use and allow the user to maintain their independence and freedom for much longer than if they choose to avoid using a walker. A rollator walker comes fitted with large wheels on all 4 legs, hand brakes, a built-in seat and adjustable height, making it a much more customizable choice than a standard walker. Rollator walkers typically allow the user to move around in tight spaces and on rougher terrain, meaning that the user will be able to get around in a variety of situations that they may have otherwise avoided.

Benefits of a rollator walker:

  • Go longer distances without tiring as quickly
  • They offer more support
  • Rollators are easy to use and get accustomed to
  • They can navigate most kinds of terrain
  • There is a built-in seat for resting as needed
  • You’ll be able to go many places you couldn’t before
  • Getting regular activity with the help of a rollator improves fitness levels 

Getting outside is good for health

Whether walking independently or using a rollator walker to get around, taking time each day to get outside is good for everyone’s health.

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