How Can a Rollator Walker Improve My Health?

As your overall ability to move around freely and easily decreases over time, it’s only natural that your physical health might feel the effects. Movement is such a big part of maintaining overall health, so it’s something you want to take steps to maintain for as long as possible.

Using a rollator walker can help keep you moving by giving you the tool you need to help keep your balance with somewhere to rest when you need it and a solid frame to help keep you upright.

While using a rollator walker can feel intimidating and unnecessary, once you’ve included it in your daily life, you’ll likely be surprised at how great of a support tool it actually is!

Ways a Rollator Walker can Improve Health

The benefits of using a rollator walker are far reaching and will affect many parts of your life. Often your overall health will be improved just by using a rollator walker! There are a few main ways that a rollator walker can help improve your health.

Did you know? At Xlent Care, our rollators not only help you move around, you can go further – upright – across all terrains!

It’s easier to move around

When you are struggling to move around in your day to day life, whether due to an injury, balance issue or something else, it can feel easier to just restrict your activity level as a whole. However, when you are less active each day your overall health can take a hit as well. Regular movement and exercise can help you maintain heart health, muscle health and manage your weight, so it’s important to maintain even light activity levels throughout each day. Adding a rollator walker to your daily routine will help you stay committed to moving regularly. 

You can move on a variety of terrain

Though a standard walker may feel like the natural choice when entering the world of walkers, it can still lead to a fair amount of restriction. Walkers without wheels require a fair amount of upper body strength to use, especially when not on smooth terrain. A rollator walker can help you to take on many different kinds of terrain like grassy fields, rocky paths and even sand. There some models of rollator walkers that are specifically designed to work best with on a variety of different terrains so if you think you might benefit from the ability to move around in several different situations, look for a rollator that offers this

Mobility increases your ability to exercise

When it is easier to move around thanks to your rollator walker you will naturally maintain a higher level of activity each day. Regardless of what kind of physical activity you are doing, daily movement is an important part of staying healthy. Exercise, whether it’s going for a walk outside, heading to the gym or even just walking around your house a few times a day, has a positive effect on many aspects of your life.  Freedom of mobility is good for your mental health Maintaining your independence and freedom to move around throughout the day plays a significant role in mental health. When you are unable to freely get around whenever you want your mental health might take a hit. It’s easy to get in your head and feel held back when your freedom decreases, so the rollator walker is a great way to squash those concerns and continue living an active lifestyle.

Movement improves heart health

When you move around every day, whether just around your house or by getting outside and going places, your heart is forced to work a bit harder than if you are just sitting down. Heart health is an important thing to work on maintaining and the best way to do that is by keeping moving. When getting around becomes difficult using a rollator walker can help you stay active throughout the day. Since rollators often have a built-in seat and solid handlebars you are still able to rest as needed, giving your heart and lungs and chance to take a break while still getting some light exercise.

Rollator walkers help you thrive in good health

Regardless of why you are finding yourself needing to use a walker, a rollator walker can help to improve many aspects of your overall health. Being independent and getting out of the house without the assistance of someone else is a freeing experience and one that can help improve your mental health. Feeling stuck at home and struggling to move about freely can be frustrating for anyone to experience.

Ultimately, using a rollator walker will improve many aspects of daily life and lead to overall greater health and happiness.

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