How a Daily Walk Can Help Seniors Thrive (Even for Those with Difficulty Walking)

Walking is a kind of exercise that just about anyone can do. If you can get up and go for a walk- even a short one- regularly throughout the week, you will do amazing things for both your mental and physical health.

Even those that struggle to walk fast and far will benefit from getting out there as often as they can. If you are struggling to go for a walk each week, there are a few tools available to you that might make the task easier to manage. Whether you can get by with the help of a cane or would rather use something like a rollator walker, your health will thank you for every walk to manage to take. 

Benefits of Walking for Seniors

Weight Loss or maintenance: Daily walks are a great way to help a weight loss or weight maintenance plan. Making a point to get up and moving each day is the ideal way to get your heart pumping and to burn those calories while still being gentle on your joints.  

Can improve quality of sleep: Getting fresh air each day during a walk can help to tire out your body and clear your mind, preparing it for a better night’s sleep. 

Improves heart health: As the risks of heart related issues like high blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart disease increase with age, the need to take care of your heart health also increases. Going for regular walks helps to preserve and improve overall heart health by improving circulation and lowering blood sugar levels.   

Improves muscle strength, bone health and reduces pain: Walking for just 30 minutes a day, even at a slow pace or broken up into multiple sessions, can help reduce the risk of hip fractures in seniors. Regular walking can help prevent the loss of bone density and reduce the pain associated with arthritis and osteoporosis. 

Can improve mental health: Regular walks can work wonders on mental wellbeing. Walks have been shown to stimulate the release of endorphins which can reduce stress, anxiety and depression and improve your overall mood. Getting active can also help improve your attention span, memory and brain function, which can even reduce the risks of dementia and other cognitive issues.

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Tips for creating a walking routine for seniors

For many people starting a walking routine, just lacing up their shoes and hitting the pavement isn’t necessarily the best way to get started. There are a few factors to consider when creating your walking routine.

Start slow 

While walking is fairly low impact exercise it’s likely not something you can dive into headfirst. If you haven’t walked in awhile, you’ll want to start off with a shorter, slower walk. As you improve your fitness level and ability you can start adding time and speed to your route. Stretching is also an important part of a walking routine.

Bring your friends

One of the easiest ways to get motivated to go for a regular walk is to go with company. Whether you have a couple friends that also want to create a walking routine or you can join a local walking group, having someone to join in on your walks is a great idea.

Consider your route

Plan a route that will offer the most benefit to your body. If you have bad knees or joints, walking on harder surfaces might aggravate them while softer surfaces like dirt paths, sand or grass might present difficulties with balance and stability.

Listen to your body

Regardless of what kind of shape you are in, there are likely still going to be days that you are sore or feeling off. It is important to listen to your body on these days, and take rest days as you need them.

Utilize a Rollator Walker (Walker with Wheels)

If getting out for a regular walk is difficult or intimidating, accepting support can be the answer you’re looking for. A rollator walker is often the key to maintaining mobility and independence, and can make all the difference! 

Benefits of using a rollator walker while walking

Using a rollator while walking can greatly improve your mobility and ability to walk longer distances. With the opportunity to take regular breaks and receive support as you go, you’ll be much more likely to keep up with a walking routine. Rollators have many benefits including: 

  • Support to help you stay upright and keep your balance
  • A built-in seat to offer a rest anytime you need it
  • Adjustable height so your rollator walker can grow and adjust along with your needs
  • Makes getting outside for a walk easier 

Get Moving for Your Health!

When it comes down to it, getting out for a walk however you are able to can be the key to maintaining your overall health. Often those that thought they weren’t able to get around that easily will find that a rollator walker is actually what they’ve been missing. Using a rollator walker can help be that final push to get out of the house and get moving.

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