Superior Rollator Walkers Must Be Strong, Lightweight and Incorporate a Seat

When it comes time to choose a walker it can be overwhelming to sort through all the options available to you. Once you have determined what your needs actually are and whether you’re looking for a standard walker or a rollator walker, you can start looking at what features are going to be at the top of your list.

Though walkers can come with a number of different features, a few of the most common and most important ones are the ability to fold up, the presence of a seat and a lightweight frame. These features can seem fairly insignificant but they are actually things that you will be thankful you included in your search.

What is a Rollator Walker?

A rollator walker is one that has wheels on each leg rather than just the simple leg. These walkers can offer a greater ease of mobility than standard walkers thanks to both the wheels and their other many features. Especially if a user is prone to movement on uneven ground, a rollator walker can be much more suited to those with an active lifestyle.

Why do I need a Rollator Walker?

Though the decision to use a walker is one you want to discuss with your doctor, there are a few signs you might be ready to have that talk.

  • Feeling dizzy or off balance when you walk
  • Needing to sit often when walking
  • Feeling like a cane doesn’t give enough support
  • Having difficulty lifting a cane or standard walker

Benefits of a Lightweight Rollator Walker with a Seat

When you reach the point of needing a walker, whether to recover from surgery or to adapt to new lifestyle restrictions, it can be intimidating to include this in your everyday life. While you might feel like you are losing some of your independence and freedom, a rollator walker with the right features can actually help you maintain these.

Choosing a rollator walker instead of a standard walker comes with quite a few benefits already, but there are a few reasons why these features will make such a difference in your life.

Easy to move around with them Lightweight walkers are easier to maneuver through doorways, down stairs and along unstable ground thanks to their reduced weight. The wheels on a rollator walker allow for ease of movement both indoors and outdoors. When navigating over rough terrain the wheels of a rollator walker make it much easier to get around on your own.
Seats provide essential resting capability An individual using a rollator walker might have need for the ability to take a rest as they move around each day. The built-in seat on a rollator walker makes this easy to do. Anytime a break from walking is needed, it’s easy to just stop and have a seat rather than having to look for somewhere to sit.
Folding ability makes for easy transportation A rollator walker that can fold up is much easier to transport as needed. When you can easily fold up the walker and fit it in your trunk or backseat, you are more likely to maintain your independence and mobility.
A lightweight frame offers more portability If the frame is heavy it is much harder to place in your trunk or lift up stairs. A lightweight frame is much easier to lift off the ground to move around without assistance.
Foldable walkers are easy to store A foldable walker is much easier to store, especially if your space is limited. Whether you need to fold it up after returning home or like to get it out of the way when dining out, a foldable rollator is much easier to find room for.

A Walker with a Seat Increases Independence

Though it may feel like accepting the support of a rollator walker is taking away from your independence and ability to move around freely, they can actually have the opposite effect. If you are having difficulty getting around on your own and feeling like you might need to take a step back from your busy lifestyle, a rollator walker might be just what you need.

A lightweight rollator walker that can fold easily and has an attached seat can actually increase your mobility. When you have the support that you need as you navigate all kinds of terrain and situations, you’ll no doubt feel more comfortable in your day-to-day life.

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