What is the Best All-Terrain Outdoor Walker?

Man with Mobility Issues Joining Friends on Hike with Rollator

If you are looking for a way to maintain your or a loved one’s mobility, you’re likely overwhelmed by all the different walker options available to you. Though a basic rollator walker is highly recommended for the average user, if you would like to ensure the ability to move across more varied situations an all-terrain walker might be just the ticket.

What is an all-terrain walker?

Just like a regular rollator walker, an all-terrain walker will assist the user in getting around in their day-to-day life. The main difference between a standard rollator and an all-terrain one is that the all-terrain version comes equipped with features that will allow the user to navigate on rough terrain like rocky surfaces, sand, grassy fields, and even dirt and gravel. For an adventurous person, an all-terrain rollator walker in a must in order to maintain a high quality of life.

Captioned above is a man with mobility issues joining his friends on a trail hike. With a true, premium all-terrain rollator many seniors with mobility limitations may push those limits aside. Live well – and thrive!

Top features in an all-terrain outdoor walker

There are a few features that are uniquely suited to all-terrain rollator models. Though some can be found on standard rollator walkers, the combination of these features will allow the user the ultimate level of independence.

> Big wheels

Perhaps the most important feature of a great all terrain rollator, the wheel size should be bigger than those you would find on a standard rollator walker. This helps the user to push the walker across uneven terrain much easier than if they had standard size wheels. Look for wheels that are 8” to 12” in diameter for the best useability.

> Upright position

A walker that allows the user to maintain an upright position, rather than a hunched over one, will offer much better balance on uneven terrain. The user should be able to walk and stand within the walker and not behind it in order to maintain their posture and balance.

> Adjustable height

Height adjustment is an essential part of any walker, and especially all-terrain ones. If the height is not able to be adjusted, the user runs the risk of an improper fit which can significantly affect their balance on rough terrain.

> X frame construction

This unique construction allows the rollator to fold easily and remain standing while in a folded position. The ability to fold it easily will make life so much easier when you are visiting some of those rougher areas that you like to explore.

> Rubber tires

Hard plastic tires will have absolutely no give when crossing rough terrain. In contrast, rubber tires will offer a much smoother and softer ride.

> Good hand brakes

An essential part of a great rollator walker, good hand brakes are even more important when traversing rougher terrain. The user will want to easily engage the brakes anytime they feel the need, especially if going down slopes or hills.

Volaris walkers fit the bill

One set of rollator walkers uses all of these essential features to provide the best support to anyone looking for an excellent all-terrain rollator walker: Volaris walkers! Volaris has several models of rollators walkers specially designed to keep users moving as much as they can.

Patrol All-Terrain Best Rollator Walker

Volaris Patrol All Terrain Rollator – The 10-inch wheels on the Patrol model mean that this walker will traverse rocky, bumpy, sandy and uneven surfaces with ease.

Volaris Discovery All Terrain Rollator – With 8-inch wheels, a slightly shorter frame and seat height, and a slightly lighter weight, the Discovery model is ideal for those who still want to have freedom of mobility across a number of different terrains, but are also looking for a smaller and more portable walker.

Volaris Shadow All Terrain Rollator – Though the Shadow line has similar measurements to the Discovery line, the wheels are slightly narrower. This allows the Shadow rollator to walk the line between extremely portable and strong on a variety of terrain, while also being a great rollator for inside of smaller spaces like your home.

An all-terrain rollator is just what you’ve been looking for

If moving around unassisted has become a bit of a struggle, a rollator walker is likely a great solution to maintaining a healthy level of mobility. However, many rollator models will struggle to move across uneven terrain like rocks, sand, gravel and dirt. An all-terrain model is the best way to continue a life of freedom and mobility, while still providing yourself with the support that you need.

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