The Extraordinary Health Benefits of Improved Mobility

Active Elderly Woman

As our bodies age and get more tired it becomes fairly easy to allow ourselves to reduce how much we move around each day. However, there is much to be said for the benefits of maintaining and improving your overall mobility. Whether you make the effort to go outside for a walk each day, commit to doing stretches regularly or take up a new activity like pickleball, improving your day-to-day mobility will have many benefits.

Benefits of improving your mobility

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Though there are many benefits to improving how much and how well you move your body each day, the health benefits you’ll feel are going to be the most significant of all.

You’ll lower your risk of injury

Seniors often experience a higher rate of injury than the average person, and that can be a result of muscles and bones becoming weakened and atrophied. The best way to counter these risks is to maintain a regular level of activity. While some seniors may struggle to get overly active each day, participating in low impact activities like walking and stretching will help them to maintain physical mobility for longer than if they allow their reduced mobility to take hold.

Posture will improve

The more time someone spends sitting or leaning over in a chair or while walking with a rollator walker, the poorer their posture will naturally become. Taking time throughout each day to stretch and strengthen muscles in the back, stomach, hips and torso will help people of all ages to maintain and improve their posture.

Exercise is a stress reducer

Regardless of how old you are and how well your body works, when you live your life each day it’s easy to get lost in the moment and forget to focus on your body. Taking even just a few minutes a day to focus on your breathing and to do a few stretches can help reduce tension and stress that you’ve been carrying in your body.

You may reduce pain

When you take time to work on lengthening and strengthening muscles by stretching and maintaining regular movement a common by-product of increased mobility is that you’ll end up experiencing less pain. Lower back pain especially is tied to the common and unnatural pressure that many feel thanks to a pelvic tilt that many people have, and increased mobility can help reduce this.

Life may feel more positive

It’s no surprise that when your body hurts and you struggle just to move around, life itself feels like that much more of a struggle. So, on the flip side, if you’re able to move around with more ease you’ll likely feel more positive about your day-to-day life.

Interest in getting active may improve

If regular movement is hard or includes pain, it’s natural to avoid doing the things that bring on this struggle. As it gets easier and less painful to move around, a person’s interest in doing so will naturally increase.

They may feel more confidence

As a person’s balance, vision and strength change with age, it can be intimidating to do tasks that they once took on without a second thought. Activities like walking on uneven or slippery surfaces, crossing a busy road or navigating a grocery store can feel intimidating when they aren’t confident about how their body may behave in a given situation. Making an effort to maintain mobility through stretching, strength training and other regular physical activity can allow seniors to feel more confident in these situations.

They may maintain independence

The ability to carry out day to day tasks with ease and confidence will help seniors to hold onto their independence for longer than if they aren’t able to things like walk down stairs, navigate the bathroom, clean their kitchen or pick up their own groceries.

Brain functions better

While cognitive function tends to decrease as people age, regular exercise has been shown to help reduce this effect. A recent study has shown that older adults who exercise in the morning and then take brief walks throughout the day are more likely to maintain short term memory and decision-making skills as compared to those who sit for several hours each day.

Improve Mobility for Health’s Sake

Live better. It’s a choice we make and there are things we can do to improve our quality of life. Invest in the best tools and equipment to help you live a healthier and more ENJOYABLE life. For all the benefits listed, you owe it to yourself and loved ones to get active and assistive devices like premium rollators can help immensely.

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