Top Features of a Rollator, According to Seniors                 

Top Features of a Rollator For Seniors

The transition into using a rollator walker can be a difficult process for many seniors. Incorporating an unusual tool into their day to day lives can be an uncomfortable transition. However, when they do start using one, they will likely notice a number of benefits to their physical and mental health. A rollator walker that includes a variety of different features and accessories can feel more appealing to a senior who is considering whether to start using one.

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Benefits of using a rollator walker

There are many reasons why a senior will benefit from using a rollator walker each day. While it may be tough to convince them that they should start using one, once they do, they are sure to appreciate the support that it offers.

  • Helps seniors stay active
  • Keeps their heart strong
  • Helps improve socialization
  • Wheels make it easy to use
  • Encourages seniors to maintain independence
  • Allows seniors to age in place more easily
  • Gives confidence in their ability to move around
  • Provides support on a variety of different terrains

Top rollator features for seniors

The features included in a rollator walker can vary from one model to the next, however many rollator walkers will have some key features in common that make them appealing to most seniors. Looking for a rollator with some or all of these features can help make the transition to using a walker a bit easier.

Lightweight for easy transport

Seniors will be more likely to use a rollator walker that is fairly lightweight and easy to move around. Whether they will need to move their walker up and down a stair or two, or be able to pack it into a vehicle, a lighter rollator will be much easier to use.

Agility, especially in small spaces

One of the biggest benefits to a rollator walker compared to a traditional one is the ease with which it can be moved around both inside and outside of the home. Many seniors live in small homes, apartments and care homes so a rollator that can maneuver through narrow hallways and around tight corners will be much easier to use each day.

All-terrain capability

When seniors are able to use their rollator on a wide variety of terrain, they are more likely to incorporate it into their day to day lives. Whether they are walking on grassy fields, rocky or bumpy pathways or sandy ground, a walker with wide, rubber tires and an X-frame that absorbs the shocks will be beneficial.

Incorporates a seat for resting as needed

One of the significant reasons for a senior to start using a rollator walker is if they find they need to take breaks while they are walking. A built-in seat is a very beneficial and necessary accessory for a rollator walker. With a seat that comes with them everywhere they go, a senior is able to pause and rest any time they want.

Ample accessories available

Accessories like a water bottle holder, a handlebar bag, cane and umbrella and holder, a food tray and an Oxygen tank holder all make life easier for anyone using a rollator walker. The ability to easily carry the things they need throughout the day will help most seniors feel more confident in using a rollator walker to help support their movement.

Folds up easily

Most seniors will look for a rollator walker that can easily fold up for storage or transportation. The ability to make their walker smaller will be helpful for those living in small spaces like an apartment or a senior’s residence. For seniors that enjoy getting out of their home, a rollator that can fold up makes it much easier to pop in the car or take onto public transportation.

Maintaining mobility is essential for health

Getting active every day is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and has a number of positive effects on a person’s health, especially for a senior.  Physical activity is a great way to maintain a healthy heart, lungs and body while encouraging them to continue to explore their world. The continued independence that comes with being able to move around freely, even if they need the support of a rollator walker, will help a senior to better cope with the many changes they’re experiencing in their life.

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