Tips for choosing the smart adjustable walkers for seniors

Volaris DISCOVERY (LOW/WIDE) Rollator Walker for shorter people who need a wider seat, more cushioned 9-inch tires as an alternative to the larger Patrol model for rough terrain. The extra cushioning helps reduce vibration over rough ground. Rollators are the ideal solution for seniors with long-term disabilities and loss of stamina. Some of these adjustable walkers are equipped with modern and efficient features that enhance the user’s comfort. These walkers are also available with adjustable heights for people of different heights. In addition, you can see many models with features such as cane holders and baskets for storage of different items. However, there are some things to consider when buying a walker;

  • Mobility and Safety

Rollator walkers differ from standard type walkers in the sense that they have 4 wheels instead of two that are common with standard wheeled walkers. Extra wheels offer greater mobility and also offer good safety. These Rollators have a handbrake so that the user can stop the device when needed.

  • Purpose of Use

Although some people think that they would have great benefit having a rollator, it is best to think first of their purpose. Rollators are best for those with movement problems who would like to improve their strength, overall fitness and security while walking. Rollators allow the user to venture outdoors with more confidence and they can use the built in seat to rest awhile when necessary. Those who are recovering from surgery would do better to use a standard aluminum walker as they only need to move slowly and carefully and that point. As they recover then they can consider a rollator walker to increase their mobility and strength.

  • Comfort Level of the Rollator

Some rollators models can only ease your pain to some extent while some have the ability to allow you to walk with great posture, not stooped over, thus reducing pain and fatigue. It is important to make sure that all height and hand settings are adjusted properly before use. Make sure that the parking brakes are in place and engaged before attempting to sit on the walker.

  • 3 and 4 Wheels

In addition to the obvious difference between triple and quadricycle models, it should be taken into account that not all types have a seat for rest. Therefore, three-wheeled models should only be bought by people who trust their mobility and need only a limited amount of support. You have to have good balance to be safe with the 3 wheel walkers. The 4 wheels are much more standard and chosen for more safety and comfort of the user.

  • Types of Wheels

Some rollators models have pneumatic tires which means you need to ensure there is air in the tires and all wheels must be equally balanced. Most have standard rubber tires that offer excellent support. The small plastic wheels should be avoided altogether for outdoor use. There is a big difference in the quality of rollators. Most are made in China but some are made in Sweden which is generally more expensive due to quality differences and features offered. Many people find it challenging to figure that which one would best suit their needs. Choose a company that will give personal assistance and guides you to the right model. However, the above points will surely help them in deciding the best choice for them. Feel free to visit XlentCare Products Inc. or call 1-866-315-9305; one of the best wholesalers in stylish smart rolling walkers.

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