Five reasons why my mom will only use a Volaris Rollator walker!

My mom with her Volaris Rollator walker

My mother is one of those very proud and independent women who used to say: “I will never use a walker to help me walk.”

It reminded me of the shock I felt while working in a nursing home, when I overheard residents say that they would “rather die than use a walker.”

My mom didn’t say anything quite that extreme, but she simply refused to consider that option.

That was even though she was facing increasing difficulty walking long distances. She struggled to make it down her condo building’s long hallway to the room where she plays a weekly Canasta game without stopping to rest several times.

Her stubborn refusal to use a walker changed, however, when I introduced her to a Volaris Rollator walker.  Now, she loves it!

What caused her change in attitude?

The top five reasons that she has fallen for her Volaris walker are:

1. She can now walk upright, like a younger person. She can stand straight within the walking frame, not hunched over as most other walkers force users to do.

2. She loves how easy it is to use. She is happy that the device is so light, the brakes work with little effort and the walker, overall, is so simple to maneuver.

3. She fell for its streamlined design. To her, it looks like the Rolls Royce of walkers!

4. Its ergonomically designed hand grips are very comfortable for her arthritic hands.

5. Unlike other walkers, this one allows her to navigate rough terrain outside, thanks to its flexible, shock-absorbing frame. She loves to visit us at the cottage we rent. Now, she can now easily make her way from the cottage to the lake through a large, uneven grassy area. She really enjoys watching her great- grandchildren having a blast with all of the outdoor activities there.

These five things mean that, with her walker, she can now go long distances without feeling short of breath. In fact, she now walks everywhere with it, including to the games room, where she is often heard bragging about her wonderful new walker!

I couldn’t believe what an amazing difference a quality walker can make to a person’s quality of life — and neither could my mother!

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