The Importance of Spinal Posture

Importance of Upright Posture

Walking upright is something that most of us have done for most of our lives, so it’s easy to take the ability to do so for granted. But the truth is, as individuals start to rely on mobility support aids it’s common to see their posture start to regress and some associated problems start to occur. If you or someone you know is using a mobility aid and haven’t given much thought to the posture that is maintained, now is the time!

Poor spinal posture creates a host of issues

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As we age and start struggling to walk independently, it’s natural for our bodies to start hunching over and bending forward. However, this shift in posture can create some significant issues for the rest of our body, from breathing struggles to joint pain.

According to Dr. Jonathan Kuttner, a pain specialist in New Zealand and the author of the Life After Pain book and course, spinal posture is an incredibly significant factor in health, energy levels and longevity.

It turns out that poor spinal posture (head forward posture and excessive rounding of the upper back) affects a whole range of important functions. To be fair, your spine is the pillar of our stance and the axis of all movement, so this is hardly unexpected.

Research shows that poor spinal posture increases stress in your body and nervous system. Tense muscles = no real relaxation = increased pain and tension in your neck, back and shoulders.”

In his book Dr. Kuttner also explains that

…poor spinal posture decreases your lung capacity and ability to breathe efficiently. It prevents you from getting enough air into your lungs every time you breathe.

Upright rollators are the best option

The PatrolThough there are many different kinds of mobility aids available on the market and it can be hard to decide which one will suit your needs best, it’s important to remember that a rollator walker that encourages you to stand upright rather than hunched over will have the most significant benefits in your everyday life for many reasons.

Helps maintain good spinal posture

A regular walker or rollator will often have you bent over, standing over the frame. A rollator walker will encourage the user to stand inside of the frame with an adjustable height setting to allow them to maintain un upright stance. This will help the spine to stay straight, reducing the likelihood of developing joint pain, back pain, muscle tension, and reduced circulation.

There’s more support

An upright rollator walker is designed to have comfortable handlebars with an easy-to-use brake system and a built-in seat providing the user with more support and comfort than with a standard walker.

Rollator walks are more stable

When using a regular walker, a user is more apt to lean forward, throwing off their center of balance and causing them to feel unstable. However, when using a rollator walker the user stands inside of the frame, not behind it.

All terrain usage

Rollator walkers come equipped with the ability to be used both indoors and outdoors and on many different kinds of terrain. Larger wheels, built in suspension and a unique flexframe structure allow some models to be used on more extreme terrain with ease.

Adjustable features

With the ability to adjust the height of their rollator and choose a frame that suits their needs, users will find that some of the pain that’s associated with poor spinal posture can be reduced.

Maintain good spinal posture, and your independence, with a rollator walker

Maintaining an active and comfortable lifestyle is an important part of a happy life, regardless of how well you are able to move around. The use of a rollator walker can help offer support in a way that allows you to ease the pressure put on your spine while allowing you to move around as freely as you’re able to.

Dr. Kutner notes that more than two-thirds of the world’s population the exact spinal posture that leads to the aforementioned issues. Taking steps to help improve your spinal posture can help make significant improvements in other areas of your life. The findings are an important lesson for us, and those that want to “live well and go further” in life!

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