Rollator Walkers Keep Seniors More Active – Here’s How

As seniors age and find their joints getting stiffer and their balance feeling less steady, it can be easy to fall into a habit of reduced physical activity. But maintaining an active lifestyle has so many benefits for people of all ages! If a rollator is needed in order to continue to stay active in any way, it is a worthwhile adjustment to make. Even just a small amount of physical activity can have lasting effects, especially on an already aging body.

Stay active for health

Especially for seniors, who likely have some difficulty maintaining an active lifestyle as it is, finding ways to get active can be difficult. But even going for a short walk can have numerous health benefits! With just 150 minutes of activity a week, a senior will experience a positive effect on their overall mobility and fitness, their body weight, bone health and even their mental health.

The approaching need to start using a rollator walker to get around can be quite taxing on a person’s mental health. The perceived loss of independence and reduced ability to live a complete and active life is often a weight on their mental state. Committing to staying active, despite the need for a mobility aid like a walker, can do wonders for their overall mental health!

Some easy ways to stay active are:

  • Join a mall or trail walking group to meet up with a few times a week
  • Head out to the local park and take a walk
  • Join an activity class at the local community hall or gym
  • Join a bowling league
  • Keep a recumbent bike at home
  • Head to the gym for a senior’s exercise class
  • Check into aquacise at the local swimming pool

Benefits of staying active

There are many benefits to staying active as you age, some more noticeable than others. Some ways that a seniors’ life might be positively affected by regular physical activity include:

  • Physical exercise encourages independence
  • Exercise improves mental health, helping them to feel happier and content
  • Overall physical fitness helps to boost heart and bone health and maintain a healthy body weight
  • The longer one is able to maintain some form of regular physical activity, the longer they will be able to maintain day to day mobility

Prevent against falls

One of the most common dangers of maintaining mobility despite an uncooperative, aging body is the possibility of falling down. Losing balance and falling can result in some serious injuries. Older bones break more quickly than they used to and can take much longer to heal.

This is where a rollator walker comes into play! A rollator walker is designed to give a helping hand to anyone needing a bit of extra support while getting around. These 3 or 4 wheeled mobility aids help a senior feel confident with their mobility and can decrease the chance of hard-to-treat injuries.

How does a rollator keep a senior active?

Calms the fear of falling

Did you know? Xlent Care Products sells only 1 brand of rollator walker? It’s the VOLARIS line and we do so because it’s the very best. Swedish designed to be strong, light, flexible and to go further!

Being afraid to fall down can hold a person back from living their best life, so adding in a mobility support tool like a rollator walker can help that fear relax.

Reduces the chance of falling

With the ability to hold onto the handles as they move around, a rollator walker can help to prevent against the possibility of a senior taking a tumble.

Offers balance support

If balance is seeming increasingly off kilter, having a rollator walker to hold onto with each step can help a senior maintain their balance as they move around both inside and out.

Allows for rest time

Being able to pause and take a rest break with the use of the built-in seat will help tired seniors catch their breath and maintain their mobility, regardless of how far they can walk in one go.

Don’t wait too long to consider using a walker

Many seniors will avoid using a walker until something drastic forces them to face the option head on. The problem is that by then, it can be too late for a walker to offer its maximum benefit. Once a senior has started experiencing some of the warning signs, the longer they put off getting a walker, the further behind they could be when it comes to maintaining a level of independence.

When seniors start experiencing troubles with their balance, difficulty bearing weight on their legs, a shortness of breath when walking short distances, a need to rest frequently when walking or troubles walking up a short flight of steps, it’s probably time to address the idea of a rollator walker.

A rollator means freedom

Using the right rollator walker often means an extended opportunity to maintain an independent lifestyle. Though it can be an intimidating thought to address, making the commitment to using a rollator can help ensure an active and healthy lifestyle, which can have long lasting effects for a senior.

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