Rollator Walkers: Giving the Gift of Mobility & Freedom

When the conversation about needing to transition to a walker first comes up, usually the discussion is initiated by a loving family member rather than the senior themselves. Losing their sense of freedom and mobility is often a difficult thing for a senior to come to terms with. It’s no surprise that the need is recognized by family first.

The idea of the “look” of needing a walker is often difficult to embrace. Also, some see it as resigning themselves to the poor cumbersome maneuverability of a large, heavy walker. No independent adult wants to deal with it. But with the emergence of units like the rollator – wheeled walkers – this conversation doesn’t have to be as scary as it used to be.

What is a rollator walker?

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A rollator walker does just what it sounds like… it rolls. Rather than the version with 4 legs that has to be lifted with every step, the rollator typically has 4 wheels that allow it to be pushed in front of the user, so no lifting is required. The wheels allow for easy movement and increased maneuverability, especially in tight spaces like homes and stores.

These walkers also come with a built-in seat so the user can pause any time they need to take a quick rest. Whether the concern is pain or breathlessness, having a seat within inches of them makes it so much easier to continue with their independent lifestyle.

A rollator walker also comes with large, non-marking wheels, comfortable handles, easy to apply handbrakes and a sleek, lightweight design. They even come in different sizes so both adults and kids can get what they need. And with adjustable height settings, the user is able to set it so that they can walk upright- improving their breathing ability and increasing energy levels.

Signs it might be time for a rollator walker

There are many small indications that might mean it’s time to consider investing in a mobility device like a rollator walker. While one or two of these might not be a cause for concern, when these signs start appearing frequently it might be worth a try to see if a walker can help alleviate some of these stressors and pain.

  • Arthritis pain is starting to slow down mobility
  • They are still active, but feeling pain or shortness of breath when walking
  • Sitting down to catch their breath or take a break from walking is necessary fairly regularly
  • A hip or knee replacement or broken bone has slowed down mobility
  • Walking short distances while carrying something is proving to be difficult
  • They are increasingly worried about being alone, in case they should fall and no one was around
  • A fear of falling is starting to hinder their mobility

Several models available

With both 3 wheel and 4-wheel versions on the market, there are several models available to suit your needs. Knowing a bit about your loved one’s lifestyle will help you decide what model would be best for them.

Some top options for rollator walkers include:

  • If you’re unsure of specifics or are just looking for a basic model to start out with, the Volaris standard rollator is a great choice.
  • For the user that enjoys getting outdoors and exploring possibly uneven terrain, the Volaris Patrol or Discovery models are a safe bet.
  • For a child try the Volaris kids model, made with a smaller frame for a smaller body, with brightly coloured handles!
  • If your loved one will be putting their rollator in the car often or using it to move around more compact spaces, the Volaris Compact is the perfect option

Regardless of which one you choose, a rollator walker will offer the perfect way to maintain a senior’s independence and mobility, and is the best gift for someone looking to keep active. Importantly, accessories are also offered – from oxygen tank holders to umbrella attachments!

Maintaining independence… with support

When it comes to transitioning to using a walker, the idea of losing their freedom is likely the biggest roadblock in the mind of a senior. They likely realize that their body will appreciate the support, but the fear of dependence is a mentally taxing factor and something that can definitely give them pause.

Giving the gift of a rollator walker helps to share the idea that free movement and a life of continued independence is completely attainable. A senior can still enjoy a life of exploration, physical activity and freedom, and likely enjoy it even more than they have in recent times. It can be extremely tiring to continue living their everyday life despite tiredness and pain while fighting the idea that a mobility aid could help. But once they give it a try, they will most likely feel a sense of relief to finally have the support they’ve needed!

A rollator walker is the perfect way for a senior to get support in their everyday movements, while learning that they can still enjoy freedom and independence.

Give the gift of freedom

As life moves forward and we get older, it’s only natural to need the assistance of a mobility aid like a walker or a rollator. While it can be an intimidating and unpleasant idea to face at first, often your loved one will realize very quickly how helpful they can be. When looking to stay active and continue a mobile lifestyle, a rollator walker can provide the support that many people need. With a built-in seat, strong hand brakes and many other fun and helpful features, this new form of the walker has become the go to mobility support device for many seniors. Help your loved one maintain the life they love with the support of a mobility device today!

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