MedUp V2: Advanced active-passive therapy bike now in Canada!

The MedUp V2 is the newest intelligent, motorized therapy ergometer, targeting both upper and lower extremities.

The MedUp V2 is targeted to people with mobility issues resulting from accidents or chronic diseases or conditions, including strokes, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries,  diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, or simply aging. 

Advanced cycle therapy features

The motor-assisted bike’s most advanced features are its ability to automatically detect and release muscle spasms, and reduce spasticity. Additional features set the MedUp V2 apart from other cycle therapy bikes. It has  both arm and leg pedals built into the unit while typical bikes have only a single set of pedals that must be picked up and moved to be used with either set of limbs.

The MedUp V2 offers immediate feedback on speed, resistance, muscle tension, symmetry training of the limbs and other training data on a large, colour, easy-to-use, intuitive screen display.

The device is highly adaptable. It can be used in different modes, depending on if or how well users can move their arms and legs on their own.

Replaces the MOTOmed and THERA Vital trainers in Canada

Due to changes in Health Canada medical device-licencing requirements, the RECK MOTOmed and THERA Vital active-passive exercisers are no longer available in Canada.. Rehabilitation centres, healthcare institutions and home users in search of such advanced, specialized cycle therapy bike have been out of luck.

 But now, health-care professionals in physical therapy and rehabilitation have a premium, commercial-grade therapy system to deliver superior patient care.The MedUp V2 is designed for optimal performance to meet the needs of the Canadian market. 

MedUp V2 exclusively sold in Ontario by Xlent Care Products

View MedUp V2 product specifications, and purchase now.

The MedUp V2 active-passive cycle trainer is sold exclusively in Ontario by Xlent Care Products Inc.

“As previous supplier of the MOTOmed movement therapy system in Ontario, we’re thrilled to bring this new, advanced equipment to market,” says Alan Fine, president of Xlent Care Products  and previous president of Rehatek Inc..

MedUp V2 purchase inquiries are welcome to discuss specifications, advanced therapy/rehabilitation features and more. The equipment ships fast throughout Ontario, and is backed by knowledgeable sales experts.

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