What is an All-Terrain Rollator Walker?

When you first make the transition to using a rollator walker it can seem like a simple switch. You just buy a new walker and off you go! But if you are an active person and find yourself still struggling to do some of the things you used to enjoy, you might need to take some time to consider whether you actually have the right rollator walker for your lifestyle. After all: not all rollator walkers are created equal! 

What is an all-terrain rollator?

An all-terrain rollator walker is much like an all-terrain vehicle. It has specific features that will allow you to travel on different kinds of ground.

A “regular” rollator has basic size and strength meant largely for indoor, smooth surfaces only. The wheels on standard rollators may struggle to go through dirt, grass, sand or hilly areas. An all-terrain rollator can help you navigate these terrains with ease.

Do you actually need an all-terrain rollator walker?

If you are only planning to use your walker to get around your home, visit the store or walk on a sidewalk you may not need an all-terrain rollator. However, if you’d like to take your grandkids to the park, walk across a grassy field or go on walks that may not have a flat sidewalk, an all-terrain rollator might be just the ticket. Maintaining your mobility is important for your health as a senior and having the right rollator can help make sure that happens. 

Top features of an all-terrain rollator walker

Since all terrain rollators are designed to travel over rough and uneven surfaces there are a few key features that set them apart from normal, daily use rollator walkers.1. Larger wheels

The smaller 5”-7” wheels that are on regular rollators just won’t do on more uneven surfaces. All terrain rollator walkers typically have wheels that are 8”-12” in diameter which can help make pushing it over rough ground much easier. These larger wheels will roll much smoother and easier on rough ground, helping your hands and back feel more at ease as well.

2. Adjustable height 

The ability to adjust the height of your all-terrain rollator walker will help ensure you put the least amount of stress on your back and shoulders. Since you’ll be navigating terrain that is uneven, you want to be sure that your body has the best support possible.

3. Flexible shock-absorbing frame

Look for a frame that has “give” or “flex”. Only premium rollator walkers will offer this advanced mechanism. It not only enhances the ease with which users, particularly seniors, can move across rugged terrain, but it provides energy absorption which reduces shock/vibration in the hands.

4. Ability to fold up

Since your all-terrain rollator may be bulkier than a regular rollator you’ll appreciate its ability to fold up into a manageable package to fit into your car’s backseat or trunk. This portability will allow you to bring your all-terrain walker anywhere you want to go. Make sure you can fold up your rollator on your own or with the support of someone who will be with you so that you can maintain maximum mobility as you age.

5. Great hand brakes

Because you’ll be using your all-terrain rollator on uneven, rough or hilly terrain effective handbrakes are a must. Ensure that you can easily squeeze and engage the handbrakes on your walker before you take it to use on rougher terrain. This feature will help ensure that you are fully able to control your rollator walker and your speed when going down hills or stopping for a break.

6. A built-in seat

When travelling over rough terrain it can be common for your body to require a rest sooner than if you were on flat ground. The built-in seat on a rollator walker will help you take a break any time you decide you need one, without needing to search around for a suitable place to stop. 

Pictured above is the Volaris Patrol All-Terrain Rollator. It features best-in-class features to allow freedom of movement outside over varied, rough terrain. It is impeccably designed strong and light – with all of the above attributes.

An all-terrain rollator helps users to go further and live healthier

Whether you want to maintain an active lifestyle or just want to ensure you keep moving as much as you can, an all-terrain rollator walker is the perfect tool to help you do that. With several features designed to make mobility comfortable and easy, a rollator walker is the best way to keep your health and mobility on track as you age.

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