Here’s Why Rollator Walkers Need Built in Seats

When looking to purchase a walker or rollator, it can seem overwhelming to consider all of the options available to you. With the option to choose a standard 4-legged walker or a 3 or 4 wheeled rollator walker, it can feel tempting to just go with the cheaper, more familiar option. But there are some great reasons that a rollator walker – with a seat – will likely meet your needs much better.

One of the most prominent features that differentiates a rollator walker from a standard walker is the presence of a seat. While this might not seem like a significant feature to consider, it is actually a very beneficial thing for many users.

A built-in seat is an important feature

Did you know? All Volaris rollators feature a built-in seat! A seat is essential for resting during longer walks (and you’ll want to!). If you’re unwell or short of breath, a sturdy seat can prevent falls. Increased mobility, freedom and comfort without sacrificing safety is the Volaris difference!

A rollator walker that has a seat is a great choice for many potential walker users. Since most rollator users need to use a walker to help them balance and move around independently, the presence of a seat can help them better maintain their mobility.

The biggest reason a user will benefit from having a seat on their rollator walker is because they will be able to pause and rest as they need to. When moving around day to day, even with the help of a walker, many users will still hit a point where they need to take a break and either catch their breath or let their legs have a break.

Having quick access to a place to sit with the seat on their rollator means that they won’t have to search around for a good place to stop for a few minutes. This will allow users to hold onto more independence and mobility since they won’t feel like they are always on the lookout for somewhere to sit, should the need arise quickly.

The ability to sit as soon as they need to will also help prevent heart strain, since the user won’t be pushing themselves beyond their limit. On the flip side of that, having immediate access to a seat means that the user won’t be as shy to get up and move around to help improve their heart health, since they know they aren’t confined by only going places that will have seating available.

Volaris Rollators with seats fold neatly for easy transport.

Top features to look for in a rollator with a seat

Adjustable height

On a rollator walker a seat that can adjust to the height of the user is essential. Since people typically vary in height quite a bit, the ability to customize the walker to the user is a great feature.

As people age and their ability to stand and walk upright can change the seat height that fits them best can change too. With adjustable height on the seat, this walker will be able to adjust to the user as their needs change over time.

Ability to fold up

With a seat that can fold up, the rollator walker can easily be moved into a car, up stairs or moved out of the way when at home. Having a rollator that can fold up for storage or easy transportation means the user will be more likely to maintain their ability to move around.

It’s comfortable

Since a rollator walkers’ seat is meant to be used for sitting and resting, the overall comfort of the seat is an important factor to consider when choosing the right walker. If the seat is uncomfortable the likelihood of it being used effectively is much lower. In fact, a soft seat cushion that is tailored for the rollator is a great idea.

Volaris Walker pictured with soft seat pad accessory for maximum comfort.

Premium Rollators have many features

While the presence of a seat is an important feature in a rollator walker, there are more features that are worth looking at when decided whether this walker is the right one for your situation. A few of these features include:

Larger rotating wheels – the rotating wheels on a rollator walker mean that the user can move around much easier than if they were using a traditional walker. A larger wheel size helps tackle rougher terrain, too.

Hand brakes – With 4 wheels that rotate, having hand brakes is an important feature, both for safety and for convenience. Slow down brakes are an added breaking feature to help maintain rollator control.

Basket – Since a user’s hands will be preoccupied with holding the handles and operating the brakes, having a basket to carry a purse or anything else needed is a feature that comes in handy for most users.

A Rollator with a Seat (that folds) is THE Best Choice for Seniors!

A rollator walker is a great choice Thanks to the easy access to a good seat and the numerous other features of the rollator walker, this walking aid is often the best choice for those needing a bit of support in their day to day activity – with flexibility to go anywhere!

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