Must Have Features of a Rollator Walker

active seniors using rollator walkers

Rollator walkers have many features that make them a great choice for a wide variety of needs. Whether you have a temporary injury and need some support as you heal or are needing the added support to maintain your independence as you age, a rollator walker can be just the answer for you.

Once you’ve decided that a rollator walker is a good addition to your life, the next step is making sure that the one you choose fits you properly so that it can offer maximum benefit. There are several features of a rollator walker, and many parts are adjustable so ensuring that each is adjusted properly is key.

Common features of a rollator walker

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Seat features


Not all seats are created equal so looking at the quality and height of the seat padding is a good move before purchasing. If you will be using the seat often, you’ll want one that is made with good padding or that has a seat molded for comfort.  

Seat Height

When shopping for a rollator walker the height of the seat needs to be a consideration. Higher seats are often easier to get out of, so if this is needed you should pay special attention to the specifications of each walker. On the flip side, a lower seat can help provide more balance and stability to the user when they are seated. A seat height of 20” is most common and usually works for most users. If your needs might change over time, look for a rollator with an adjustable seat height.

Seat Size

Seat widths do vary so measuring before purchasing is a good idea. Seats on a standard adult rollator typically range from 13” to 18” and can increase when looking at heavy duty and bariatric models. 

Walker Size

The height of the walker is something that can usually be adjusted but you still need to consider the base height before you buy. If you are very tall or short you might need to choose a frame that fits your height. A rollator walker should help you to stand as tall as possible without straining your hands, wrists, shoulders or neck.

The width of your walker is also something to consider. While most rollator walkers won’t have an issue getting through doorways and down hallways, you do have to ensure that the frame is wide enough for your step. You should be able to stand between the handles and comfortably take steps forward without hitting the wheels or legs.

Measuring Handle Height

How to measure the handle height of your rollator walker:

  1. Stand straight with shoes on. Wear shoes similar to what you’ll most commonly wear when using your walker.
  2. Relax your arms and let them hang at your sides
  3. Have a friend or family member measure from the bend of your wrist to the floor. This measurement is your handle height

When choosing a rollator walker based on height choose one that adjusts at least one inch in either direction from your measurement so that you can adjust it as needed when you use it.

Wheel Size

When buying your rollator walker you should consider the main function of it. Will it primarily help you get around your home and other indoor situations? Or will you be using it to help you get around outside and on rougher terrain than indoors? The answer to this will help you decide between 6” wheels or 8” wheels. The larger wheels are going to be much better suited for a user that will be using their walker outside of their home.

Good Handles

Since you will be holding the handles quite a bit it is important that they be both comfortable and easy to function. A rollator walkers’ brakes are hand operated, so you have to be sure that you can easily squeeze them as needed.

There’s Many Rollator Features to Consider

When shopping for a rollator walker there are many features to consider. Once you have chosen which one has the right features for your needs you will be thankful you made the purchase! The ability to move around at will, without having to worry about your balance or losing your breath, will help you maintain independence and stay active for longer than if you avoid it.

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