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Rollator Walking Cane Holder - Xlent Care Products

Rollator Walking Cane Holder

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The Volaris Cane Holder allows you to bring cane along with ease! Heading out and think you might also want your cane handy ? No problem! 

  • Cane holder allows hands-free transportation of your cane
  • Ideal for times when you may need your cane, adding peace-of-mind when visiting a new place for a visit or appointment
  • For those who use their rollator for most movement, but have a few tight spaces where only a cane will do
  • Cane holder affixes firmly, installs in minutes
  • Cane holder does not require removal when folding rollator for easy tranpsort
  • Designed to carry regular sized canes only; fits all Volaris rollator models

The security of your rollator walker with you, with the added flexibility to bring your cane along. Just another amazing accessory to make life easier while enjoying mobility and freedom. Order your cane holder now!