Five reasons why my mom will only use a Volaris Rollator walker!

My mom with her Volaris Rollator walker

My mother is one of those very proud and independent women who used to say: “I will never use a walker to help me walk.”

It reminded me of the shock I felt while working in a nursing home, when I overheard residents say that they would “rather die than use a walker.”

My mom didn’t say anything quite that extreme, but she simply refused to consider that option.

That was even though she was facing increasing difficulty walking long distances. She struggled to make it down her condo building’s long hallway to the room where she plays a weekly Canasta game without stopping to rest several times.

Her stubborn refusal to use a walker changed, however, when I introduced her to a Volaris Rollator walker.  Now, she loves it!

What caused her change in attitude?

The top five reasons that she has fallen for her Volaris walker are:

1. She can now walk upright, like a younger person. She can stand straight within the walking frame, not hunched over as most other walkers force users to do.

2. She loves how easy it is to use. She is happy that the device is so light, the brakes work with little effort and the walker, overall, is so simple to maneuver.

3. She fell for its streamlined design. To her, it looks like the Rolls Royce of walkers!

4. Its ergonomically designed hand grips are very comfortable for her arthritic hands.

5. Unlike other walkers, this one allows her to navigate rough terrain outside, thanks to its flexible, shock-absorbing frame. She loves to visit us at the cottage we rent. Now, she can now easily make her way from the cottage to the lake through a large, uneven grassy area. She really enjoys watching her great- grandchildren having a blast with all of the outdoor activities there.

These five things mean that, with her walker, she can now go long distances without feeling short of breath. In fact, she now walks everywhere with it, including to the games room, where she is often heard bragging about her wonderful new walker!

I couldn’t believe what an amazing difference a quality walker can make to a person’s quality of life — and neither could my mother!

Tips for choosing the smart adjustable walkers for seniors

Volaris DISCOVERY (LOW/WIDE) Rollator Walker for shorter people who need a wider seat, more cushioned 9-inch tires as an alternative to the larger Patrol model for rough terrain. The extra cushioning helps reduce vibration over rough ground. Rollators are the ideal solution for seniors with long-term disabilities and loss of stamina. Some of these adjustable walkers are equipped with modern and efficient features that enhance the user’s comfort. These walkers are also available with adjustable heights for people of different heights. In addition, you can see many models with features such as cane holders and baskets for storage of different items. However, there are some things to consider when buying a walker;

  • Mobility and Safety

Rollator walkers differ from standard type walkers in the sense that they have 4 wheels instead of two that are common with standard wheeled walkers. Extra wheels offer greater mobility and also offer good safety. These Rollators have a handbrake so that the user can stop the device when needed.

  • Purpose of Use

Although some people think that they would have great benefit having a rollator, it is best to think first of their purpose. Rollators are best for those with movement problems who would like to improve their strength, overall fitness and security while walking. Rollators allow the user to venture outdoors with more confidence and they can use the built in seat to rest awhile when necessary. Those who are recovering from surgery would do better to use a standard aluminum walker as they only need to move slowly and carefully and that point. As they recover then they can consider a rollator walker to increase their mobility and strength.

  • Comfort Level of the Rollator

Some rollators models can only ease your pain to some extent while some have the ability to allow you to walk with great posture, not stooped over, thus reducing pain and fatigue. It is important to make sure that all height and hand settings are adjusted properly before use. Make sure that the parking brakes are in place and engaged before attempting to sit on the walker.

  • 3 and 4 Wheels

In addition to the obvious difference between triple and quadricycle models, it should be taken into account that not all types have a seat for rest. Therefore, three-wheeled models should only be bought by people who trust their mobility and need only a limited amount of support. You have to have good balance to be safe with the 3 wheel walkers. The 4 wheels are much more standard and chosen for more safety and comfort of the user.

  • Types of Wheels

Some rollators models have pneumatic tires which means you need to ensure there is air in the tires and all wheels must be equally balanced. Most have standard rubber tires that offer excellent support. The small plastic wheels should be avoided altogether for outdoor use. There is a big difference in the quality of rollators. Most are made in China but some are made in Sweden which is generally more expensive due to quality differences and features offered. Many people find it challenging to figure that which one would best suit their needs. Choose a company that will give personal assistance and guides you to the right model. However, the above points will surely help them in deciding the best choice for them. Feel free to visit XlentCare Products Inc. or call 1-866-315-9305; one of the best wholesalers in stylish smart rolling walkers.

Advantages of Volaris SMART Rollator Walker

A walker is one kind of mobility help used for assisting people who can still walk yet want assistance. It allows an individual to lean on it for support, balance, and rest. Walkers are generally made from materials that allow them to be very light to pick and move easily. Adjustable walkers have been around for many years now. These have done wonders for the people who would like to maintain a free and independent lifestyle but want extra help when getting around. In most cases, seniors would like to stay more in their homes and they often live alone. Many suffer from illnesses like arthritis, hip and back problems, and severe breathing conditions that hinder their ability to walk as well as limit their endurance and balance. You can also find seniors in assisted living residences or nursing homes who make use of adjustable walkers. They perhaps are more common in these places and even then, the adjustable walker can prolong their independence. The adjustable walkers for seniors come in different sizes, or heights. Some have adjustable arms that allow seniors to raise or lower the push handles. The height of the seat will differ from person to person and depend on leg strength; tall individuals with good leg strength sometimes prefer a lower seat, even though they might be measured for a higher one. Shorter people might be measured for a low seat, but prefer a taller one because they have poor leg strength or weaker knees. Generally, however, when sitting on the seat, an individual’s feet should be flat on the floor. Xlent Care Products Inc. is a rolling walkers wholesaler in the USA supplying the Volaris SMART rollator walker. This is a unique walker designed so that you can stand straight and walk with great posture and less fatigue. Made in Sweden with exceptional quality and design!

Lightweight Rollator Walker Offers Great Maneuverability and Stability

All Terrain Rollator Walker for Mobility

Mobility has changed exponentially since the first wheelchair, providing many different options to get around. From crutches to power wheelchairs and knee walkers to walkers, mobility has come a long way. A lightweight rollator walker can help to improve your stamina, making it easier to keep moving all day long. They are perfect for weak individuals or those grappling with health and mobility issues, such as the elderly or the hospitalized. Lightweight rollators are also easy to move and less likely to cause strain to muscles or joints. Features of a Lightweight Rollator Walker

  • Aluminum frame
  • Deep frame with multiple height adjustments
  • X frame design for added stability and transport
  • Handgrips that provide comfort and long-lasting wear
  • Cushioned rubber tires, which are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use

Sometimes, canes simply aren’t the best option when it comes to getting around. 4 wheel rollators and walkers make it easy to walk from a particular point to another with ease for the mobility impaired, offering more stability and a smoother ride than a walker. The wheels that are attached to each leg of a rollator allow you to walk quickly and efficiently without straining yourself. Rollators also have a built-in seat for when you need the occasional rest. Any situation that can cause dizziness or fatigue can be much less frightening with a rolling walker because there is always a sense of security since you can always reach forward and grab your walker if you were to ever lose your balance or stumble. Rollator walkers do not only assist with balance. They can also be used for support. Finding a walker that allows you to stand upright in a good posture is crucial as bending over can cause a lot of pain and fatigue. Volaris folding rollator walkers come with a unique X frame folding design that allows people to fit their rollator in the trunk of a car. It quickly and effortlessly folds to 9” in width. They are equipped with a locking strap for easy storage and transport.

Improve Your Mobility with a Volaris Designer Rollator Walker

Increase Mobility with an All Terrain Rollator Walker with 4 wheels

An unfortunate part of growing older for seniors is that they continually lose some amount of mobility as they get older. This can be attributed to many different types of illnesses, diseases, and conditions (that affect younger people as well). The really sad part is that most seniors are not ready to deal with the loss of the ability to get around easily. This is where the Volaris Designer Rollator Walkers can help to improve the mobility of any senior that needs to have the assistance that an only a walker can provide. The five models of the Volaris Rollator Walker each provide a number of benefits over the other brands of walkers on the market, but each model has the unique feature of a design that allows the user to walk with great posture, upright – not hunched over.  Made in Sweden, the Volaris also has the unique design of a flexible frame which helps prevent the jarring affect through your upper body and hands that you get from a rigid walker.  Xlent Care Products, Inc. is an online retailer of the best adjustable walkers for seniors. The Five Basic Models of the Volaris Designer Rollator WalkerStandard The Volaris Designer Rollator Walker Standard is the very basic model walker designed to provide the mobility and security like no walker in its class. The fully adjustable handles are designed to keep the user more upright and reduce the amount of bending. The heavy-duty 8” wheels and flexibility of the steel frame helps it to absorb the majority of shock. Key Features

  • 8” Cushioned, rubber, all-terrain tires
  • Sturdy, flexible (comfort) frame for rough ground
  • Built-in adjustable height seat
  • Adjustable height handles, 30”-40”
  • VABS Braking System

Smart The Volaris Designer Rollator Walker Smart is the next level walker that has several unique features that sets it apart from other brands of walkers on the market. The braking system found on the Smart model features two easy to operate hand levers and the cables are concealed within the frame to avoid snagging them on things while maneuvering around town. The large, 8” all-terrain tires make it easy to roll across low grass, gravel, dirt, cobblestones and concrete. Available sizes:  Regular, Low, Wide and Low-wide Models. Key Features

  • 8” Cushioned, rubber, all-terrain tires
  • Sturdy, flexible (comfort) frame for rough ground
  • Enclosed (within the frame) brake cables
  • Built-in adjustable height seat
  • Adjustable height handles 30”-40”
  • Ergonomic hand grips

Shadow The Volaris Designer Rollator Walker Shadow is similar in function to the Smart walker, but it comes in special shadow color schemes (more toned down) and also is available in three different sizes; Regular, Low, Wide and Low-wide Models. Key Features

  • 8” Cushioned, rubber, all-terrain tires
  • Sturdy, flexible frame for rough ground
  • Enclosed brake cables
  • Built-in sturdy, adjustable height seat
  • Adjustable height handles 30”-40”
  • Ergonomic hand grips
  • Special shadow colors

Patrol The Volaris Designer Rollator Walker “Patrol” is designed especially to provide increased mobility for seniors who deal with rough terrain every day or often. The 10” tires are made to be rolled across a wide range of different terrain. The unique Volaris upright walkers are made to keep the user in a more comfortable, upright position and are also great for taller people due to the handle range adjustment. The fully enclosed brake cables keep the danger of the walker getting snagged on something to a minimum. Available sizes: Regular, Low, Wide and Low-wide Models. Key Features

  • 10” Cushioned, rubber all-terrain tires
  • Built-in sturdy, adjustable height seat
  • Enclosed brake cables
  • 32-42” height adjustable
  • Ergonomic hand grips
  • Built-in adjustable height seat

Discovery The Volaris Designer Rollator Walker Discovery is similar to the Shadow, except that it has slightly wider and more cushioned tires. The combination makes it handle the off road terrain even better than the regular 8” tires.  This is the ideal model if you deal with rough terrain often but need to also use your walker in smaller spaces indoors. The key to Volaris Designer Rollator Walker Discovery and all of the other models is that they are all designed to keep the user more upright. Available sizes:  Regular, Low, Wide and Low-wide Models. Key Features

  • Ergonomic hand grips
  • 8” all-terrain more cushioned and slightly wider tires
  • Adjustable height seat
  • Enclosed (within the frame) Brake cables

This is where technology comes in and provides today’s seniors with a way to improve their mobility. For years a person would have to struggle to get around using a traditional rigid steel walker in order to get around. While they worked the best they could, the old style walkers just were too cumbersome and limited to where they could be used.