Here’s Why Rollator Walkers Need Built in Seats

When looking to purchase a walker or rollator, it can seem overwhelming to consider all of the options available to you. With the option to choose a standard 4-legged walker or a 3 or 4 wheeled rollator walker, it can feel tempting to just go with the cheaper, more familiar option. But there are some great reasons that a rollator walker – with a seat – will likely meet your needs much better.

One of the most prominent features that differentiates a rollator walker from a standard walker is the presence of a seat. While this might not seem like a significant feature to consider, it is actually a very beneficial thing for many users.

A built-in seat is an important feature

Did you know? All Volaris rollators feature a built-in seat! A seat is essential for resting during longer walks (and you’ll want to!). If you’re unwell or short of breath, a sturdy seat can prevent falls. Increased mobility, freedom and comfort without sacrificing safety is the Volaris difference!

A rollator walker that has a seat is a great choice for many potential walker users. Since most rollator users need to use a walker to help them balance and move around independently, the presence of a seat can help them better maintain their mobility.

The biggest reason a user will benefit from having a seat on their rollator walker is because they will be able to pause and rest as they need to. When moving around day to day, even with the help of a walker, many users will still hit a point where they need to take a break and either catch their breath or let their legs have a break.

Having quick access to a place to sit with the seat on their rollator means that they won’t have to search around for a good place to stop for a few minutes. This will allow users to hold onto more independence and mobility since they won’t feel like they are always on the lookout for somewhere to sit, should the need arise quickly.

The ability to sit as soon as they need to will also help prevent heart strain, since the user won’t be pushing themselves beyond their limit. On the flip side of that, having immediate access to a seat means that the user won’t be as shy to get up and move around to help improve their heart health, since they know they aren’t confined by only going places that will have seating available.

Volaris Rollators with seats fold neatly for easy transport.

Top features to look for in a rollator with a seat

Adjustable height

On a rollator walker a seat that can adjust to the height of the user is essential. Since people typically vary in height quite a bit, the ability to customize the walker to the user is a great feature.

As people age and their ability to stand and walk upright can change the seat height that fits them best can change too. With adjustable height on the seat, this walker will be able to adjust to the user as their needs change over time.

Ability to fold up

With a seat that can fold up, the rollator walker can easily be moved into a car, up stairs or moved out of the way when at home. Having a rollator that can fold up for storage or easy transportation means the user will be more likely to maintain their ability to move around.

It’s comfortable

Since a rollator walkers’ seat is meant to be used for sitting and resting, the overall comfort of the seat is an important factor to consider when choosing the right walker. If the seat is uncomfortable the likelihood of it being used effectively is much lower. In fact, a soft seat cushion that is tailored for the rollator is a great idea.

Volaris Walker pictured with soft seat pad accessory for maximum comfort.

Premium Rollators have many features

While the presence of a seat is an important feature in a rollator walker, there are more features that are worth looking at when decided whether this walker is the right one for your situation. A few of these features include:

Larger rotating wheels – the rotating wheels on a rollator walker mean that the user can move around much easier than if they were using a traditional walker. A larger wheel size helps tackle rougher terrain, too.

Hand brakes – With 4 wheels that rotate, having hand brakes is an important feature, both for safety and for convenience. Slow down brakes are an added breaking feature to help maintain rollator control.

Basket – Since a user’s hands will be preoccupied with holding the handles and operating the brakes, having a basket to carry a purse or anything else needed is a feature that comes in handy for most users.

A Rollator with a Seat (that folds) is THE Best Choice for Seniors!

A rollator walker is a great choice Thanks to the easy access to a good seat and the numerous other features of the rollator walker, this walking aid is often the best choice for those needing a bit of support in their day to day activity – with flexibility to go anywhere!

The Benefits of Upright Rollators

The time may come when you or a loved one may need a mobility aid to support your walking. It may actually have little to do with being “old”, but rather simply to improve stability for safety. From typical 4-legged walkers to rollators with either 2 wheels or 4, there are quite a few choices involved with this lifestyle change.

Being given or choosing a walker that leaves the user hunched over or uncomfortable is often what gives the appearance of being old! That’s a mistake made when choosing your walker. In fact, buying the right rollator might give you independence not previously experienced for years!

Did you know? Volaris Rollators are premium, all-terrain walkers that support the user in an upright position. That means you walk upright as you should and go farther young you should and go farther. Greater range and position means an increased physical activity for greater health!

Benefits of upright rollator walkers

Though it can be difficult to decide whether the ability to adjust the height of a rollator walker to create a more upright walker is something you want to prioritize, there are many reasons why this feature is an important one for all walker users.

Adjusts to many heights

Many upright rollator walkers come complete with the ability to adjust the walker height to specifically fit the individual. Since many walkers are only adjustable to a certain extent it can be hard for tall users to find a walker that helps them to stay comfortable in their mobility.

Better for back health

When an individual has to bend over, even just slightly, in order to hold onto and push their walker as they move around all day, it can wreak havoc on the spine. Forcing the back to perpetually bend forward can cause long term damage and discomfort. With someone who is already feeling restriction in their mobility, this added stress on their back can restrict them even further.

With an adjustable height rollator, a user can choose a height that keeps their form as upright as possible so that they can experience less day to day discomfort.

Maintain mobility

Increased comfort when using a rollator walker typically leads to a greater ability to maintain mobility, even as their body might not be completely on board with the idea. The ability to adjust the height of the rollator walker means that the unit can change along with the user. If they start needing the ability to bend over more or stand more upright, the rollator can be adjusted to accommodate this to ensure they maintain their independence and mobility for as long as possible.

Walk in the walker, not behind it

Rollator walkers are designed for the users to be able to stand inside of the frame, hold it at a comfortable height and walk with it. This is in contrast to the older models that require individuals to stand behind the unit and push it forward as they go.

Indoor and outdoor use

Rollator walkers are designed to be able to be easily used on a variety of terrain. Whether you just need something to move around inside your home or are looking for something that can be used to go for walks outside, a rollator walker is often a more suitable option than a regular one.

Not built just for walking

Thanks to the built-in seat, a rollator walker is meant to be used as more than just a simple walker. Often a walker user will need the opportunity to sit down to take a break periodically and the seat in a rollator means that they no longer have to search for a place to do that. 

More customizable

Most walkers aren’t all that customizable so as a users’ needs change, the walker tends to be less helpful for them. An upright rollator is more customizable to the individual so that as they age or their injury or illness changes or progresses the walker can be adjusted to provide the most comfortable solution for them. 

The customizability of the adjustable walker also means that you are more likely to be able to find something that suits your exact needs.

Upright walkers are the best choice

As life changes require the consideration of incorporating a walker of some sort, there are many factors to consider when choosing the right one. An adjustable rollator is great option for a wide variety of needs, so it is a walker that deserves some serious consideration.

The adjustability of the rollator means that it can meet most requirements in enabling its’ user to move around independently. Standing upright while using a mobility aid will have significant benefits for the user, including the ability to stay active.

Making the choice to incorporate a rollator walker into day to day life can have a great impact on a user’s health. Having the support they need to move around each day can help a user to exercise which can improve circulation as well as their general health.

Though the decision to use a rollator or walker can be an intimidating one, it can mean so many positive things for the user that they’ll be wondering why they didn’t make the change sooner!

6 Benefits of a Rollator vs. a Standard Walker

If you or a family member is reaching the point where using a walker might be a consideration, there are a number of things to think about before investing in one. With several different models available it can be hard to narrow down exactly which style is best for the situation. While the standard walker is the one most people picture when they hear the word ‘walker’, a newer version called a ‘rollator’ is taking over as the preferred choice amongst many walker users. There are several advantages to choosing a rollator rather than a standard walker, but you should always discuss it with your doctor if you are unsure which one would be best.

When do I need a walker?

There are a few signs that you might be ready to have a discussion about using a walker, though it’s understandable if you’re shying away from the conversation. Though you should discuss the options with your doctor, a few signs that it might be time to bring it up include:

  • Feeling short of breath when walking, whether it’s over short distances or longer ones
  • Finding yourself needing to sit to catch your breath
  • Arthritic pain that prevents you from walking
  • Struggling to walk and carry something at the same time
  • A fear of falling
  • You find your legs to be unreliable. This can be the result of an injury like a broken bone or a hip replacement, arthritis pain or any sores on your legs
  • You struggle to maintain balance
  • You want to maintain independence and mobility

Differences between a Rollator and a Standard Walker

Simply speaking, the biggest difference between a standard walker and a rollator is that a standard walker has 4 legs and it needs to be lifted up with each step, while a rollator has 3 or 4 wheels and can be pushed along in front of the user.

A walker is designed to hold a person’s partial body weight, but a rollator is not meant to hold any. The rollator is designed to be a support for someone who gets tired easily, whether after a surgery or just as a general condition. A walker will help provide support for those who lose their balance easily and need help maintaining it.

Advantages to using a Rollator Walker

There are many advantages to using a rollator walker over a standard one, with most of those advantages circling back to the portability and ease of use of the rollator walker. While a rollator might not be well suited for everyone that needs a walker, it is certainly a great choice if your situation allows for it.

1. Wheels rather than legs

If you need something that comes with you to help alleviate tiredness, a rollator is perfect. The wheels on this walker allow it to easily move along in front of you without forcing you to lift it up with every step. This means that the need to steady yourself before lifting the walker is eliminated, letting you focus on the world around you rather than every single step.

2. Easy to apply hand brakes

Having wheels on each leg might make you nervous that the rollator could roll itself away from you, but with an easy to apply hand brake on every model, this worry is gone. Just lightly squeeze the handle pulls to apply the brake as needed. Most models also have a parking brake that keep the brake applied indefinitely.

Did you know Volaris offers a braking accessory called the “Slow Down Brakes“? It allows users to apply friction while moving for those wanting the rollator to move with a little bit of resistance (adjustable). It’s especially useful on graded terrain for maximum, custom control!

Xlent Care is the exclusive seller of Volaris rollator walkers in the USA & Canada.

3. Clean and compact, portable design

Rollators are designed to move around with you, so the cords and wires that connect the brake to the wheels are often hidden inside the frame to avoid getting caught on anything.

Standard walkers are all pretty much the same shape and design, so a lightweight and compact unit like the rollator can fit into tighter spaces. The easily maneuverable design offers increased portability over the standard walker.

4. Tall frame with height adjustments

Walking upright has been shown to increase energy levels and promote easier breathing, so a rollator with a tall frame will help you not only move around better, but to also feel better doing it. The adjustable height settings on a rollator mean that the unit can be used by a wide demographic.

5. A cushioned seat

Since you likely get fatigued easily, having a seat available to take a rest whenever you need will help you recover quicker and maintain mobility longer. The ability to apply the brakes and sit at any moment is an advantage that most who use a walker can appreciate.

6. All terrain wheels

Many models come with all terrain wheels which allow for an easy transition between moving around outdoors and taking the rollator indoors. Rollator tires are generally made of a non-marking material so you can rest assured that the wheels won’t scuff up your floors when bring it inside. This versatility helps ensure you are comfortable and can enjoy a mobile life both outdoors and in.

For Freedom, Safety and Health – a rollator is the best choice

Though making the decision to accept help with such a basic skill like walking can feel intimidating, you are no longer limited by the traditional walker. Using a rollator walker can help you maintain an active and independent lifestyle by providing support when you want it, a chance to rest when you need it, and the ultimate options in portability. No longer are you restricted to dragging around a clunky walker when you just aren’t at the level of needing it yet. A rollator walker offers an easy transition into a mobility assisted lifestyle.

Rollator Walkers Keep Seniors More Active – Here’s How

As seniors age and find their joints getting stiffer and their balance feeling less steady, it can be easy to fall into a habit of reduced physical activity. But maintaining an active lifestyle has so many benefits for people of all ages! If a rollator is needed in order to continue to stay active in any way, it is a worthwhile adjustment to make. Even just a small amount of physical activity can have lasting effects, especially on an already aging body.

Stay active for health

Especially for seniors, who likely have some difficulty maintaining an active lifestyle as it is, finding ways to get active can be difficult. But even going for a short walk can have numerous health benefits! With just 150 minutes of activity a week, a senior will experience a positive effect on their overall mobility and fitness, their body weight, bone health and even their mental health.

The approaching need to start using a rollator walker to get around can be quite taxing on a person’s mental health. The perceived loss of independence and reduced ability to live a complete and active life is often a weight on their mental state. Committing to staying active, despite the need for a mobility aid like a walker, can do wonders for their overall mental health!

Some easy ways to stay active are:

  • Join a mall or trail walking group to meet up with a few times a week
  • Head out to the local park and take a walk
  • Join an activity class at the local community hall or gym
  • Join a bowling league
  • Keep a recumbent bike at home
  • Head to the gym for a senior’s exercise class
  • Check into aquacise at the local swimming pool

Benefits of staying active

There are many benefits to staying active as you age, some more noticeable than others. Some ways that a seniors’ life might be positively affected by regular physical activity include:

  • Physical exercise encourages independence
  • Exercise improves mental health, helping them to feel happier and content
  • Overall physical fitness helps to boost heart and bone health and maintain a healthy body weight
  • The longer one is able to maintain some form of regular physical activity, the longer they will be able to maintain day to day mobility

Prevent against falls

One of the most common dangers of maintaining mobility despite an uncooperative, aging body is the possibility of falling down. Losing balance and falling can result in some serious injuries. Older bones break more quickly than they used to and can take much longer to heal.

This is where a rollator walker comes into play! A rollator walker is designed to give a helping hand to anyone needing a bit of extra support while getting around. These 3 or 4 wheeled mobility aids help a senior feel confident with their mobility and can decrease the chance of hard-to-treat injuries.

How does a rollator keep a senior active?

Calms the fear of falling

Did you know? Xlent Care Products sells only 1 brand of rollator walker? It’s the VOLARIS line and we do so because it’s the very best. Swedish designed to be strong, light, flexible and to go further!

Being afraid to fall down can hold a person back from living their best life, so adding in a mobility support tool like a rollator walker can help that fear relax.

Reduces the chance of falling

With the ability to hold onto the handles as they move around, a rollator walker can help to prevent against the possibility of a senior taking a tumble.

Offers balance support

If balance is seeming increasingly off kilter, having a rollator walker to hold onto with each step can help a senior maintain their balance as they move around both inside and out.

Allows for rest time

Being able to pause and take a rest break with the use of the built-in seat will help tired seniors catch their breath and maintain their mobility, regardless of how far they can walk in one go.

Don’t wait too long to consider using a walker

Many seniors will avoid using a walker until something drastic forces them to face the option head on. The problem is that by then, it can be too late for a walker to offer its maximum benefit. Once a senior has started experiencing some of the warning signs, the longer they put off getting a walker, the further behind they could be when it comes to maintaining a level of independence.

When seniors start experiencing troubles with their balance, difficulty bearing weight on their legs, a shortness of breath when walking short distances, a need to rest frequently when walking or troubles walking up a short flight of steps, it’s probably time to address the idea of a rollator walker.

A rollator means freedom

Using the right rollator walker often means an extended opportunity to maintain an independent lifestyle. Though it can be an intimidating thought to address, making the commitment to using a rollator can help ensure an active and healthy lifestyle, which can have long lasting effects for a senior.

Rollator Walkers: Giving the Gift of Mobility & Freedom

When the conversation about needing to transition to a walker first comes up, usually the discussion is initiated by a loving family member rather than the senior themselves. Losing their sense of freedom and mobility is often a difficult thing for a senior to come to terms with. It’s no surprise that the need is recognized by family first.

The idea of the “look” of needing a walker is often difficult to embrace. Also, some see it as resigning themselves to the poor cumbersome maneuverability of a large, heavy walker. No independent adult wants to deal with it. But with the emergence of units like the rollator – wheeled walkers – this conversation doesn’t have to be as scary as it used to be.

What is a rollator walker?

Did you know? The Volaris Rollator walker line offers premium light-weight, great looking and super agile rollator walkers. All the convenience and super easy to store and travel with!

A rollator walker does just what it sounds like… it rolls. Rather than the version with 4 legs that has to be lifted with every step, the rollator typically has 4 wheels that allow it to be pushed in front of the user, so no lifting is required. The wheels allow for easy movement and increased maneuverability, especially in tight spaces like homes and stores.

These walkers also come with a built-in seat so the user can pause any time they need to take a quick rest. Whether the concern is pain or breathlessness, having a seat within inches of them makes it so much easier to continue with their independent lifestyle.

A rollator walker also comes with large, non-marking wheels, comfortable handles, easy to apply handbrakes and a sleek, lightweight design. They even come in different sizes so both adults and kids can get what they need. And with adjustable height settings, the user is able to set it so that they can walk upright- improving their breathing ability and increasing energy levels.

Signs it might be time for a rollator walker

There are many small indications that might mean it’s time to consider investing in a mobility device like a rollator walker. While one or two of these might not be a cause for concern, when these signs start appearing frequently it might be worth a try to see if a walker can help alleviate some of these stressors and pain.

  • Arthritis pain is starting to slow down mobility
  • They are still active, but feeling pain or shortness of breath when walking
  • Sitting down to catch their breath or take a break from walking is necessary fairly regularly
  • A hip or knee replacement or broken bone has slowed down mobility
  • Walking short distances while carrying something is proving to be difficult
  • They are increasingly worried about being alone, in case they should fall and no one was around
  • A fear of falling is starting to hinder their mobility

Several models available

With both 3 wheel and 4-wheel versions on the market, there are several models available to suit your needs. Knowing a bit about your loved one’s lifestyle will help you decide what model would be best for them.

Some top options for rollator walkers include:

  • If you’re unsure of specifics or are just looking for a basic model to start out with, the Volaris standard rollator is a great choice.
  • For the user that enjoys getting outdoors and exploring possibly uneven terrain, the Volaris Patrol or Discovery models are a safe bet.
  • For a child try the Volaris kids model, made with a smaller frame for a smaller body, with brightly coloured handles!
  • If your loved one will be putting their rollator in the car often or using it to move around more compact spaces, the Volaris Compact is the perfect option

Regardless of which one you choose, a rollator walker will offer the perfect way to maintain a senior’s independence and mobility, and is the best gift for someone looking to keep active. Importantly, accessories are also offered – from oxygen tank holders to umbrella attachments!

Maintaining independence… with support

When it comes to transitioning to using a walker, the idea of losing their freedom is likely the biggest roadblock in the mind of a senior. They likely realize that their body will appreciate the support, but the fear of dependence is a mentally taxing factor and something that can definitely give them pause.

Giving the gift of a rollator walker helps to share the idea that free movement and a life of continued independence is completely attainable. A senior can still enjoy a life of exploration, physical activity and freedom, and likely enjoy it even more than they have in recent times. It can be extremely tiring to continue living their everyday life despite tiredness and pain while fighting the idea that a mobility aid could help. But once they give it a try, they will most likely feel a sense of relief to finally have the support they’ve needed!

A rollator walker is the perfect way for a senior to get support in their everyday movements, while learning that they can still enjoy freedom and independence.

Give the gift of freedom

As life moves forward and we get older, it’s only natural to need the assistance of a mobility aid like a walker or a rollator. While it can be an intimidating and unpleasant idea to face at first, often your loved one will realize very quickly how helpful they can be. When looking to stay active and continue a mobile lifestyle, a rollator walker can provide the support that many people need. With a built-in seat, strong hand brakes and many other fun and helpful features, this new form of the walker has become the go to mobility support device for many seniors. Help your loved one maintain the life they love with the support of a mobility device today!