Can I go to the Beach with a Rollator Walker           

Walk on the beach with rollator walkers

When your ability to move around freely starts to decline and you realize that you’re on your way to needing to use a cane or rollator walker, it’s easy to think that your days of visiting the beach are over. But there is good news for beach lovers! There are rollator walkers that are designed to include features that will make hitting the beach and putting your toes in the sand possible for many years to come. There are many positive effects that a vacation or daytrip to the beach can have on a person of any age, especially those who may find their freedom feeling reduced. What better way to embrace life, feel free and get some physical activity than with a day at the beach!

Keep active for prolonged mobility

A key to living well is getting outdoors! If you’ve avoided walks on the beach, or thought you couldn’t walk along the beach due to mobility challenges, then Volaris All-Terrain Rollators are ready to meet that challenge. Get back to the beach with our unique, all-terrain rollator designs!

Although it may feel better to reduce activity levels when mobility issues start to present themselves, maintaining a level of physical activity is often beneficial. Continued movement can help a person to maintain their freedom and mobility for much longer than if they reduce their movement when things get difficult. Along with mobility benefits, there are a number of physical and mental benefits to regular physical activity as well.

Visiting the beach has many benefits

Spending time at the beach is a great way to incorporate physical activity into your life. The fresh air, cool breeze and warm sun can have some significant physical and mental health benefits on those who spend time enjoying them. Whether you just hop out of the car and walk to your favourite beach chair or opt for a stroll along the water, being at the beach is the perfect way to take a break and enjoy life.

An increasing number of beaches are incorporating features that make moving through the sand and getting down to the water much more accessible to people with limited mobility. Ramps for wheelchairs can allow people to bring their own mobility aids to the beach, while some facilities may rent wheelchairs with oversized wheels that are designed to float in the water and roll across sand easily.

Few rollator walkers are designed for hitting the beach

Volaris Rollator Walker is Ready for Sandy or Rocky Beach Walks

While a standard rollator walker might struggle on the sandy, rugged terrain found at the beach, there are some models that include features that make visiting the beach easy. If you know that going to the beach is a priority, look for these features on a rollator walker:

Large, wide wheels – The larger the wheel, the easier it will move across rugged terrain like sand or stones. A rollator walker with large wheels will be easier to push across a sandy beach than one that has small wheels.

Soft rubber tires – Tires that have some give to them will offer more padding and compression when going over uneven ground. This will allow the walker to roll through sand nicely, without putting stress on a user’s arms and upper body.

Suspension frame – A frame that will absorb some of the impact involved with rolling it on rough terrain can make the rollator easier to control, more comfortable to hold on to and gentler on the user. The flex frame of the Volaris Patrol rollator walker is designed to help keep all four wheels on the ground, creating an easy experience for anyone using it.

Lightweight construction – When pushing a rollator walker over uneven terrain like sand, the more lightweight it is the easier it will be to push. The last thing someone with balance issues needs is to struggle with their too-heavy walker when trying to enjoy some time at the beach.

The Patrol model is the ideal solution

While several rollator walkers might offer a positive experience to the user, the Patrol model by Volaris is ideal for anyone wanting to enjoy some freedom at the beach. The included features like the built-in seat, easy to grip hand brakes, large rubber tires and lightweight suspension frame make it the perfect mobility aid for a day at the beach.

The freedom gained from choosing a rollator walker that suits an individual’s specific needs is invaluable for anyone looking to maintain a high quality of life. When a person is able to participate in activities they enjoy like a fun day at the beach, they are more likely to be happy with their life.

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