The Benefits of Upright Rollators

The time may come when you or a loved one may need a mobility aid to support your walking. It may actually have little to do with being “old”, but rather simply to improve stability for safety. From typical 4-legged walkers to rollators with either 2 wheels or 4, there are quite a few choices involved with this lifestyle change.

Being given or choosing a walker that leaves the user hunched over or uncomfortable is often what gives the appearance of being old! That’s a mistake made when choosing your walker. In fact, buying the right rollator might give you independence not previously experienced for years!

Did you know? Volaris Rollators are premium, all-terrain walkers that support the user in an upright position. That means you walk upright as you should and go farther young you should and go farther. Greater range and position means an increased physical activity for greater health!

Benefits of upright rollator walkers

Though it can be difficult to decide whether the ability to adjust the height of a rollator walker to create a more upright walker is something you want to prioritize, there are many reasons why this feature is an important one for all walker users.

Adjusts to many heights

Many upright rollator walkers come complete with the ability to adjust the walker height to specifically fit the individual. Since many walkers are only adjustable to a certain extent it can be hard for tall users to find a walker that helps them to stay comfortable in their mobility.

Better for back health

When an individual has to bend over, even just slightly, in order to hold onto and push their walker as they move around all day, it can wreak havoc on the spine. Forcing the back to perpetually bend forward can cause long term damage and discomfort. With someone who is already feeling restriction in their mobility, this added stress on their back can restrict them even further.

With an adjustable height rollator, a user can choose a height that keeps their form as upright as possible so that they can experience less day to day discomfort.

Maintain mobility

Increased comfort when using a rollator walker typically leads to a greater ability to maintain mobility, even as their body might not be completely on board with the idea. The ability to adjust the height of the rollator walker means that the unit can change along with the user. If they start needing the ability to bend over more or stand more upright, the rollator can be adjusted to accommodate this to ensure they maintain their independence and mobility for as long as possible.

Walk in the walker, not behind it

Rollator walkers are designed for the users to be able to stand inside of the frame, hold it at a comfortable height and walk with it. This is in contrast to the older models that require individuals to stand behind the unit and push it forward as they go.

Indoor and outdoor use

Rollator walkers are designed to be able to be easily used on a variety of terrain. Whether you just need something to move around inside your home or are looking for something that can be used to go for walks outside, a rollator walker is often a more suitable option than a regular one.

Not built just for walking

Thanks to the built-in seat, a rollator walker is meant to be used as more than just a simple walker. Often a walker user will need the opportunity to sit down to take a break periodically and the seat in a rollator means that they no longer have to search for a place to do that. 

More customizable

Most walkers aren’t all that customizable so as a users’ needs change, the walker tends to be less helpful for them. An upright rollator is more customizable to the individual so that as they age or their injury or illness changes or progresses the walker can be adjusted to provide the most comfortable solution for them. 

The customizability of the adjustable walker also means that you are more likely to be able to find something that suits your exact needs.

Upright walkers are the best choice

As life changes require the consideration of incorporating a walker of some sort, there are many factors to consider when choosing the right one. An adjustable rollator is great option for a wide variety of needs, so it is a walker that deserves some serious consideration.

The adjustability of the rollator means that it can meet most requirements in enabling its’ user to move around independently. Standing upright while using a mobility aid will have significant benefits for the user, including the ability to stay active.

Making the choice to incorporate a rollator walker into day to day life can have a great impact on a user’s health. Having the support they need to move around each day can help a user to exercise which can improve circulation as well as their general health.

Though the decision to use a rollator or walker can be an intimidating one, it can mean so many positive things for the user that they’ll be wondering why they didn’t make the change sooner!

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