I Thought I Couldn’t Do that (Until I Got my Volaris 4 Wheeled All-Terrain Walker)

Increase Mobility with an All Terrain Rollator Walker with 4 wheels

Incorporating a rollator walker into your life can be an intimidating process, but it can also be a freeing one! The ability to maintain an active and social lifestyle and continue taking part in a variety of day-to-day activities can benefit the health of seniors and those struggling with mobility issues. While a traditional 4 wheeled rollator walker is sufficient for many people, those who want to have the freedom to go anywhere they want to may want a bit more robust model. An all-terrain rollator generally has added features that will allow the user to use it in a wider variety of situations.

What is an all-terrain rollator?

A rollator walker is designed to help the user maintain their mobility and live a more active lifestyle. An all-terrain model usually has large rubber wheels and a flexible frame that helps absorb vibrations from rough and uneven terrain. The Volaris Patrol model is the perfect option for those looking to use their rollator on more adventurous terrain, while still being convenient for day-to-day use.

Top benefits of an all-terrain rollator walker

Using a rollator walker can help improve day-to-day function and mobility. Choosing an all-terrain model is beneficial for those who live a fairly active lifestyle, and aren’t only looking for support in getting around their home. There are many benefits to investing in an all-terrain rollator walker instead of a regular model, including:

Ability to traverse a variety of terrain – The oversized rubber wheels on the Volaris all terrain rollator make it ideal for use on a wide variety of terrain. Rocky ground, sand, rough pathways, tall grass and gravel lots are no match for this model of rollator walker.

Excellent add-on accessories – A water bottle holder, CO2 tank holder, carrying basket and backrest can make life easier for a rollator walker user, especially one who is active and using the Volaris all terrain model. Having the things you need at close reach make a rollator walker a convenient addition to your life.

Adjustable height –Adjustable handlebars allow for the rollator to be changed to fit the user’s height so most users will be able to customize it to their needs.

Built-in seat – Maintaining physical activity is a great goal, but it’s important to recognize that an aging or ailing body may need more regular breaks. A built-in seat helps the user have a rest as needed, which helps them stay motivated to get active.

Easy to fold up for transport – The folding X frame allows the rollator user to easily fold down their walker for transport. Getting out of the house and maintaining regular activity is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle, and can improve quality of life especially for those aging in place.

Lightweight frame – The frame of a Volaris rollator walker is very lightweight, making it easy to move around, lift into vehicles and carry up and down stairs as needed. A heavy rollator can be difficult to use, especially when moving across rough terrain.

Fits into small spaces – The narrow frame and easy folding capabilities make this rollator perfect for the smaller living spaces and narrow hallways that can be found in many homes and apartments.

Can be used both indoors and outdoors – An all-terrain rollator is robust enough to be used outdoors, but compact enough to transition into indoor use as well. Most users won’t want to rotate between two different rollators, so the adaptability is important.

An all-terrain rollator is a great choice

When it comes time to invest in and use a rollator walker it’s important to consider what kind of activities you’ll want to use it for. For those looking to just move around their home, shopping centers and other fairly stable ground, a standard model rollator walker will do the trick. However, users who may want to cross terrain like sand, rocks, gravel and unpaved paths may benefit from choosing an all-terrain model.

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