Beat back pain triggered by the pandemic

The challenges triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic are creating new aches and pains for some people, and significantly aggravating chronic pain that other people were already experiencing.   

With social distancing, self-isolation and the need to stay at home, we’re facing a lot more physical work doing regular chores, often with no outside help. It results in a lot more lifting of objects, carrying of weight, bending and other exertion. That’s especially concerning for older adults. 

We are also spending a lot more time hunched over computers and other electronic devices, whether working from home, attending virtual meetings for jobs and social connections, and ordering groceries and other items on-line. 

Factor in the anxiety, stress and fears that all this is causing, and it’s a recipe for pain.

Muscle imbalances can be corrected 

Much of the pain is resulting from muscle imbalances — tight muscles from overuse, and weak muscles from lack of use, as well as a lack of circulation and accumulation of toxins.

That can all lead to stiff and tender muscles, and tiny tears in the muscle fibers, called micro-tears.

But there are many ways to combat this pandemic pain. A big one is to correct the muscle imbalances by stretching the tight muscles and gradually strengthening the weak ones, decreasing the related pain and preventing injury or further injury. 

The Resistance Chair exercise system is an effective tool

The Resistance Chair exercise system can be an easy and effective tool to make these corrections.

 The system comes with a wall chart and DVD that outline the many ways you can use the chair. 

For additional exercises, check out the video below, where physiotherapist Gwen Rose, vice-president of Xlent Care Products, demonstrates other exercises that can be done quite effortlessly to stretch the chest and strengthen the upper back.

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