Can I Walk Trails with a Rollator Walker?

Active Seniors Walking Trails Rollator All Terrain

As one’s mobility begins to decline and they start using a mobility aid like a rollator walker or cane, it’s easy to think that their world may become somewhat more restricted. However, with the right supports even those with mobility issues can still enjoy their favourite activities! Walking trails might seem too difficult to do when you have to think about toting a walker around with you, however there are models designed for exactly this purpose. Taking time to enjoy nature and go for a walk is a great way to encourage mobility, experience health benefits and maintain social activities, even as physical limitations change.

What is an all-terrain walker?

Did you know? The Volaris Patrol All-Terrain walker is recognized globally as a top all-terrain walker. It improves users’ ability to go further with stability and comfort in places where other rollators simple can’t go. See it’s all-terrain specifications and features now!

All Terrain Rollator Walker
Swedish designed, globally recognized Patrol All-Terrain Rollator Walker

Designed to traverse a variety of rough terrains, an all-terrain rollator walker is a great option for people looking to maintain a level of activity that may be otherwise be difficult for them. Equipped with several features that are specifically geared for use on uneven, rocky and sandy grounds, an all-terrain rollator is the perfect mobility tool for walking trails. Large rubber wheels, responsive handbrakes and a shock absorbing frame help users enjoy their time on the trails.

Benefits of an all-terrain walker

Incorporating an all-terrain walker is the best way to ensure that you’ll be able to live an active and engaged lifestyle, without having to compromise your hobbies. Some of the top advantages to choosing an all-terrain rollator walker include:

Works well on uneven terrain

One of the hallmarks of an all-terrain rollator is its large rubber tires. These oversized wheels help absorb the shocks that come from using it on uneven and rocky ground, making it more comfortable and easier to use. Walking along a rocky or hilly trail is easier with the use of an all-terrain rollator.

Ideal for outdoor use

All-terrain rollator walkers are ideal for use outdoors thanks to their large wheels, the absorbing X-frame and built-in hand brakes. The sturdy frame will stand up to the rougher usage, making it ideal for the outdoors.

Has convenient storage space

There are many accessories designed for use with a rollator walker that can make trail walking more enjoyable and convenient. Handlebar baskets, under seat carriers, cupholders and oxygen tank holders can all improve a user’s experience, especially when walking trails.

Encourages an active lifestyle

When movement becomes a challenge, it can be easy to reduce regular activity and hang out close to home. An all-terrain rollator walker that is able to traverse any kind of terrain can help encourage people to get active and experience activities like trail walking. An active lifestyle has many health benefits, so it’s worth encouraging.

Very safe

Equipped with a strong, supportive frame and easy to use handbrakes, an all-terrain rollator walker is the best choice for someone that encounters a variety of different surfaces in their life. While a standard rollator walker is a great option for most users, an all-terrain rollator is safer for some. Since it can better handle rough or uneven ground, an all-terrain rollator can help keep users more stable in their day-to-day experiences, helping them to avoid the possibility of a fall.

Choosing the right rollator walker

When shopping for a rollator walker there are many options available to choose from. The first step is to consider what kind of lifestyle the user lives, and what their needs may be. For someone that sticks pretty close to home, a standard rollator walker might be sufficient. However, if they plan to spend any time walking trails or exploring the outdoors, an all-terrain rollator walker is probably the better choice.

Get walking the trails with a rollator walker

For someone that loves to get outdoors and spend time in nature, walking trails is a fun activity. However, as mobility needs change this hobby can become difficult and unsafe. Using an all-terrain rollator walker is the perfect solution! Its strong, steady frame and built-in safety features allow the user to feel steady, even when walking along uneven or hilly terrain.

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