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MedUp V2: newest active-passive therapy bike to hit Canada!

MedUp V2: newest active-passive therapy bike to hit Canada!

Meet the MedUp V2 --  the newest active-passive motorized therapy bike to be introduced into Canada!

We are the very proud distributors in Ontario of this wheelchair-accessible cycle trainer that can help users with limited mobility or no ability to independently move their arms and legs  maintain, regain or improve their range of motion, muscle strength and functioning.

One  of its most beneficial features is that it automatically detects and releases muscle spasms, and reduces spasticity. 
Canadians in search of such a specialized product have been out of luck for the past couple of years because of changes in Health Canada medical device-licencing  requirements. 
That's not to say there aren't other active-passive trainers available. This one, however, fills a significant gap in exercise equipment left when devices such as the Theravital and the MOTOmed stopped being distributed in Canada.

Among the specialized features that set the Medup V2 apart, for instance, is that it has separate arm and leg pedals built into the unit, unlike other devices that have only a single set of pedals that must be picked up and moved to be used with either set of limbs. 
As well, it offers immediate feedback on speed, resistance, muscle tension, symmetry training of the limbs and other training data on a large, colour, ease-to-use intuitive screen display. 
The device can also be used in different modes, depending on if or how well users can move their arms and legs on their own.